4/30 Grant Langston Rides Again

After suffering a broken right foot and torn meniscus in his left knee during a practice crash a few weeks ago, Grant Langston has had quite the adventure.

“My bike cut out on the face of a triple at the KTM SX track,” said Langston. “I had a broken bone in my foot and my knee was torn up, so I had to have orthoscopic surgery to clean it up.”

Last week, Langston met with legendary MX trainer Jeff Spencer for some extensive therapy. “I spent an hour and a half in a pressurized chamber,” explained Langston. “Basically, the air is pressurized and it forces any swelling in your body to go down. The oxygen is also compressed and in a more pure state, so that also promotes fast healing in your body. The tank is used mostly by old people who have had strokes and stuff like that, but it can also be used for applications like mine. It was very expensive, but I can tell you that it was well worth it. When I came out of the chamber I could tell immediately that I was much better.”

After his stint with Spencer, Langston’s surgeon was shocked by the progress he had made and reported that Grant could begin riding on the Wednesday before Glen Helen. In typical MX fashion, Grant returned to action a little early.

“I woke up this morning and told my dad that I thought I could ride,” said Grant. “He said as long as I was careful, it would be okay. I felt surprisingly good at Elsinore. It’s hard to tell how well I was riding, though, because you can’t really tell unless you are battling with someone. I had a little arm pump and my foot was painful, but it felt great to be back on a bike again, that’s for sure!”

Langston was without a doubt the fastest rider on the track, and if his day-one speed is any indication, he should be quite competitive come Glen Helen on Mother’s Day.

“I am really looking forward to the Nationals,” said Grant. “After my disappointing supercross season, I am really looking forward to a clean start. I had some bad luck this year, and I am anxious to turn it all around.”

Be sure to check out www.langstonracing.com for a full report on Grant’s therapy sessions with Dr. Jeff Spencer. Grant’s dad, Gerald, does an exceptional job with their web site and went into full detail about the high-tech healing chamber.