4/9 M2R Revelation X Helmet



PRICE: $249 for Grant Langston replica, $199 for Team Series replicas


It’s no secret that helmets are the most important piece of equipment you can buy to ensure your safety on the track, but beyond the basic features and safety certifications, there are plenty of differences separating each brand. Some manufacturers strive to make the lightest helmet available, some go for an inexpensive price point, while others try to make eye-pleasing lids that consumers pick up for their sheer beauty. So how do you decide what’s right for you? Obviously, you can’t have it all: there’s no such thing as a helmet that’s reasonably priced, good looking and light as a feather, right? Wrong!

[IMAGE 1] Enter the M2R Revelation X. At a mere $199 for the Team Series model (pictured), M2R finally figured out how to design a brain bucket that combines every feature we ever wanted in a helmet. For starters, the Revelation X is extremely light. Tipping the TransWorld Motocross high tech helmet scale/postage meter at only 1,275 grams, the M2R is svelte, especially compared to other helmets in its price range. Like its more expensive sibling, the Revelation, the X model feels almost scary light when you pick it up. A quick glance at its Snell M2000 certification eased our minds about the safety of the helmet, though, so our next question was how it could be so light yet sell for such a reasonable price. The answer is that the Revelation X borrows technology from its older brother, using an exclusive M2R layering process that extracts resin from each layer of Kevlar and fiberglass during construction. This takes away weight without compromising safety, something you’ll appreciate on the last lap of a long moto as much as the next time you go over the bars.

On the track, the Revelation X is just as comfortable as it is light. Say goodbye to neck cramps from heavy lids weighing down your noggin. As for the liner, the M2R again uses technology in its favor to produce a comfortable feeling on your face. Billed as the “Rideflex” interior, M2R designed the X helmet in the reverse order of most helmets. Instead of first designing a shell and then making a corresponding interior, they did the opposite. The result is a liner that doesn’t ever jar your head or move excessively on hard landings or through rough sections of the track-another feature that makes the Revelation X a sure bet.

Upon first inspection of the X, it appeared to have an insufficient venting system. No closeable vents on the forehead was our first indication that the system might not be as good as its competitors, but track testing proved that nothing could be further from the truth. No testers complained of increased heat or more sweat in their goggles.

With a great-looking paint job, a comfortable fit, and an extremely light weight, there’s no question in our minds that the M2R Revelation X is one of the best values around in the increasingly competitive helmet market. Call 530/644-7200.