$500,000 Vans Triple Crown: Anaheim, Atlanta and Las Vegas

The coveted Vans Triple Crown of Supercross(tm), which offers $500,000 to the winner of all three selected events, including Anaheim (Jan. 5), Atlanta (Feb. 23), and Las Vegas (May 4), will once again be a key component to the 2002 season of EA SPORTS Supercross Presented by Speed Stick.

As the Vans Triple Crown of Supercross enters its fourth year of existenceon the 16-round circuit, no rider has cashed in on the $500,000 jackpot. Inthe event that no one wins all three rounds, the rider with the most pointsscored at the three events will receive $25,000.

“The money offered to the rider for winning the Vans Triple Crown ofSupercross continues to raise the bar for racing,” said Mark Abernethy,director of marketing, Clear Channel Entertainment – Motor Sports, “Oursport keeps being elevated by our great sponsors like Vans. We look forwardto our relationship with Vans for future years, and to higher riderpayouts.”

Vans Triple Crown of Supercross History

1999: Ezra Lusk $25,0002000: David Vuillemin $25,0002001: Ricky Carmichael $25,000

“The Vans Triple Crown of Supercross adds even more excitement to whatshould prove to be one of the most thrilling supercross seasons ever,” saidDawn Williams, director of events at Vans. “We hope to have the chance toaward $500,000 to a rider who can claim all three Vans Triple Crown eventtitles.”