50s-Style Backyard MX

If it’s the Monday night after the U.S. Open, you’d almost expect that everyone would be catching up on sleep, working on hangover cures, or watching Monday Night Football, right?


Events featuring XR50s have been wildly popular this year, and Launi Dimaggio, owner of the Hairy Situation salon in Wildomar, CA (and stylist to a ton of factory MX and road racers) threw a cool XR50 race in her backyard.

Launi’s backyard track looked like a mini supercross circuit, complete with rhythm sections, a long straight full of whoops, and dual-bermed turns, all perfectly scaled for close racing and maximum fun. Four generator units powered huge lights for the track, and there were classes for kids, women, pros and amateurs. With approximately 40 riders, there were full gates in nearly every class, and riders like Brock Sellards, Josh Hansen, and Ryan Hughes came out to ride.

Like all the 50s races we’ve been to, it was half party, half racing. And as usual, even the racing featured varying levels of competitiveness, with some riders were focused on winning, while others were perfectly happy working on their best takeout moves and stuffing their friends in turns, all while trying to maintain control while laughing. All-in-all, it was a pretty cool time. If an event like this pops up near you, check it out…or better yet, give it a try.