Photos by Mark Hector

Supercross is an agressive sport. Yes, it takes smooth timing and impeccable throttle control to navigate the technical courses of today, but aggression also plays a big part in whether or not a rider will win on any given night. As the old saying goes, “Rubbing is racing.”

Coming into the seventh round of the West Coast Lites series in Seattle, Washington, last weekend, only a meer two points separated Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Dean Wilson and Geico Powersports Honda’s Eli Tomac. Needless to say, the title chase was heated with both riders wanting to beat the other more than anyone could possible know. After finishing practice very close in times, Tomac and Wilson lined up in the first heat race of the night, which saw Wilson take the win while Tomac finished fourth. From there, the stage was set for the main event, and after getting off the gate clean, Tomac and Wilson rounded the first turn second and third respectively. Half a lap was all it took, though, before both riders began going at it, aggressively swapping positions and taking each other high in corners. Then on lap five, Wilson pushed Tomac off the track, igniting Tomac’s anger and adrenaline.

This pass caused Wilson to have to salvage a seventh in the Seattle main event.

After re-entering the track quickly, it took Tomac three laps to get back up on the rear wheel of Wilson, and once he did, it only took a few turns before Wilson was on the ground, picking himself back up, and left to salvage whatever positions he could. Wilson eventually finished seventh while Tomac went on to finish third. When the dust cleared and everyone headed back to the pits, Wilson was left with a possible shoulder injury, while Tomac went home with a four-point lead in the championship chase. In his post-race television interview Tomac said, “That was definitely the wildest race of my entire life. It obviously started off rough. Dean pushed me well off track once right before the triple and once right here [after the finish line] where I eventually got him back.”

While there is no word yet on the extent of Wilson’s possible injury, word is that he has had it check out and is waiting to hear back regarding the results of an MRI. If all comes back clear, expect to see Wilson line up this weekend in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he and Tomac will no doubt pick up right where they left off. Check out the photos below for a closer look at the battle, then watch the video for everything that went down.