A Day In The Dirt 2012: Day One

A Day In The Dirt promoter Kenny Alexander isn’t afraid to get down in the dirt to help ensure a great experience for all the racers.

The 15th annual A Day In The Dirt Grand Prix kicked off today at Glen Helen Raceway Park. Friday traditionally hosts only the Troy Lee Designs Happy Hour practice sessions, but in recent years it has also played host to the SoCal Reunion Race, which pits old racers from the Indian Dunes, Saddleback, and Carlsbad against one another in a fun reunion of sorts.

You can always tell when its a two-stroke field getting ready to race… The FMF Two-Stroke Revival class brought lots of smiles to participants and spectators, alike.

This year, the FMF Two-Stroke Revival race made its debut in the Friday program, and well over 100 two-stroke die hards showed up to compete. Most notable in the crowd was Jeremy McGrath, who dusted off his 1994 Honda CR250R championship bike for some fun laps. Sean Collier toped the pro two-stroke field aboard a Kawasaki KX500, leading McGrath and the rest home.

Jeremy McGrath brought his old 1994 championship bike out of storage for the FMF Two-Stroke Revival race.


Sean Collier (207) holeshot the two-stroke pro class and never looked back.


Jeff Matiasevich (111) and Ricky Johnson (48) battled for supremacy in the SoCal Reunion race.

A great battle at the front of the pack in the SoCal Reunion race saw Jeff Matiasevich and Ricky Johnson trade the lead repeatedly. In the end, it was the original Bad Boy who prevailed.

After eating Chicken’s roost for much of the race, RJ buckled down and made a pass late in the race to earn a solid win.


RJ even celebrated with an old-school crossup! Eat your heart out, Ronnie Mac!

One of the more entertaining battles in the SoCal Reunion race was between old buddies Greg Flanagan (85) and Troy Lee (25). The climax of the skirmish came when Troy missed a turn, blew through the pennants that lined the track, paused, and then blew through more pennants to re-enter the track and rejoin the battle.