Acerbis Lady Profile Chest Protector

By Cassie Herbison

APPLICATION: Available in pink, blue, black or red

PRICE: $89.95


WHAT IT IS: To the best of our knowledge, Acerbis was the first aftermarket company to produce protective gear of any kind that was designed specifically for female riders. Since it was first introduced in the mid-90s, the Acerbis Profile Chest Protector has undergone several refinements and this is the latest version. Smaller and lighter then most male roost deflectors and with a shape complimentary to a woman’s body, the Lady Profile provides the protection and comfort women have been looking for in a roost deflector. The Lady Profile also features adjustable elastic straps and hypoallergenic padding.

HITS: The first thing I noticed about the Lady Profile was that the front panel was curved outward to make room for well, as Acerbis put it so eloquently: “The curves of a woman’s body. Thanks to the curved front panel, the Lady Profile is more comfortable to wear than a standard men’s chest protector, but how well the protector actually fits depends on your size. I liked the light weight of the protector, as well as the easy-to-use elastic fastening straps. As I mentioned before, I did take a pretty bad tumble early in my ride, and the Lady Profile certainly seemed to do its job. Back at the truck, I noticed a pretty big scrape mark down the back of the protector. My back felt fine and I had no cuts or scrapes, so I know that the Lady Profile protected me just fine.

MISSES: I don’t know why products made for females automatically have to be pink. Sure, there are probably girls out there who love to wear pink so that everyone knows they are a female, but I would rather be looked upon as an equal out on the track. That said, I cut the arm guards off before I even went out onto the track; not only because of the color, but also because the Lady Profile was too wide for me in the shoulder area and that placed the arm guards too far out for my frame. While the chest and back panels of the protector are nicely sized, the shoulders don’t seem to be proportionate. I also feel that the chest panel curve could be made larger to accommodate more women.

THE VERDICT: The Acerbis Lady Profile did its job when I crashed, and was more comfortable than my regular “men’s chest protector. Though the shoulders were on the wide side for me, I’m sure that they would be just right for some women. At $89.95, the Lady Profile is an affordable buy and it offers plenty of protection and more comfort for female riders.

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