Adam Jones

Away from his bike, Jones is a character.

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Adam Jones is one of the sport's top Freestyle motocross riders, and most recently, he finished on the podium at one of the final stops on the Red Bul X Fighters tour. But what is he like when he is off his bike and away from the fans? For this week's edition of Take Five, we quizzed the always-funny rider with five questions that yield five answers. Enjoy!

1. My house
"I'm totally not good at this one because I'm not a big visitor of places."
2. Any good lake or beach area
3. Australia
4. New Zealand
5. Motocross track

1. Taledega Nights
"All-time favorite Will Ferrel movie."
2. The Departed
"The first time I watched it, it blew my mind when Leo got his head blown off in the elevator."
3. Good Will Hunting
"I think a lot of people bag on it, but I think there was a pretty good story there."
4. I Love You Man
"It's very awkward, but very hilarious."
5. The Last Samurai
"Everybody makes fun of me for that, but me and my wife are big fans. It's actually an awesome movie and everyone who makes fun of me for it, obviously haven't watched it."

Adam Jones

Jones isn’t only famous for his gnarly filp tricks… He is also well know for his love of Chipotle.

1. Chipotle steak burrito
"Why not? It's the best. No guac, though, because they just throw it on there in one clump and it ruins the whole burrito."
2. Cheesesteak Hogi
"Growing up in Philly, you could always get a good Cheesesteak anywhere. There are a couple spots by me now that you can get some decent ones, but it's still not like back home."
3. Pizza
"Who cannot love pizza? As long as there is no pineapple on it, I'm good with any other topping."
4. In And Out Burger
5. Sushi
"I only eat it every now and then, because there's probably radiation in the ocean now."

1. Downhill-mountain biking
"One of my good buddies Cam Zinc slays it at that, and he takes me out mountain biking every once and a while. I have a ton of respect for those guys."
2. All kinds of BMX
"Those guys are out of control on what they do on a bicycle."
3. RC car racing
"It's not really a sport and I don't watch it, but I love participating in it. RC car racing is my back up plan (laughs)."
4. Motocross and Supercross
"That's the only thing I like to watch on TV, even though you asked me to list things besides motocross (laughs)."

Adam Jones

Adam’s favorite way to spend extra money? “Extends… Can we put that in there? I think it’d be funny (laughs).”

1. Fun vacations with the family
"Taking the kids to Disney World or Disneyland. It's a lot of fun for me."
2. RC cars
3. Mountain bikes
"I think I spend my money on mountain bikes before it is actually extra money (laughs)."
4. Cool stuff for my house
"I like to buy stuff that makes my house a little more comfortable or fun. Maybe a kegerator is next (laughs)."
5. Extends
"Can we put that in there? I think it'd be kind of funny (laughs)."