Adaptive Moto X Final

By Elmo

Moto X Adaptive Finals

X Games 14 offered a lot of "first time" events and Adaptive Moto X was one of several. Coming into the event, Ricky James was, to many, the most recognizable face to enter the race and a favorite to take home gold. However, James had a difficult task ahead of himself as he had to battle with the likes of Shane Tacker and Chris Ridgway. Ridgway, who was well known for having an Alf doll zip tied to the back of his chest protector, was a local pro in the Southern California area in the 80s. However, after severely breaking his left ankle, he opted to have it amputated after it continued to cause him trouble.

Once the gate dropped on the first-ever Adaptive Moto racing event, Ridgway came away with the holeshot and the early lead while RJ824 was not too far behind. However, with in a couple of laps it was clear that a big mistake on behalf of Ridgway was the only way anybody would be able to catch and/or beat the Suzuki rider. While Chris was setting himself apart from the rest of the field, James found his way into second place while Tacker ran a solid third. Although the riders were riding an abbreviated SX track, it was still impressive watching them jump through some of the rhythm sections and rail through a corner with ease. At the end of moto, it was Ridgway who walked away with a gold medal, James with silver, and Tacker with bronze.

1. Chris Ridgway

2. Ricky James

3. Shane Tacker