Alpinestars and Parts Unlimited Statement

Alpinestars and Parts Unlimited enjoy a very strong trading relationship but the two companies are entirely separate financial institutions

Gabriele Mazzarolo, CEO and owner of Alpinestars made the following statement:

“For a while there has been a rumor in the industry about Parts Unlimited having bought part of Alpinestars. This was started by some joker who put the news on the Internet and some people naively believed it and spread the rumor. It is time for this gossip to stop”, says Gabriele Mazzarolo, CEO and owner of Alpinestars. “Parts Unlimited is our U.S. Distributor for the motorcycle dealer network and a great Company to work with. We enjoy a very strong and mutually successful relationship with Parts as their professionalism and infrastructure is the very best in the industry. But, I can clearly confirm that Alpinestars and Parts Unlimited are entirely separate companies and there has never been any ownership link between the two companies”.

Jeff Fox, President/CEO of Parts Unlimited, says, “Gabriele and I are personal friends and have a great business relationship as well.  Such rumors may have started because our business relationship is so close and strong.  But let me be perfectly clear that Parts Unlimited owns zero percent of Alpinestars.”