Alpinestars Tech 10 Development Concept

Alpinestars has been working on the development of the Tech 10 boot for over three years. The goal was to redesign the performance motocross boot from the sole up, increasing safety, performance and weight saving to the highest level while utilizing all of Alpinestars vast experience and technology, integrating Alpinestars’ Technical Laboratory development which includes the input of top riders (particularly Jeremy Mc Grath).

The Tech 10 features an internal double-hinged bootie. Alpinestars perfected this concept over many years. The double hinges provide excellent lateral stability and protection, without the drawbacks of the single hinge boot. Although Alpinestars first patented the single-hinged boot concept in the mid-80s, it was never used on a boot because it puts too much strain on the knee in case of lateral torsion of the foot.

The Tech 10 patented double-hinged inner bootie allows for the bottom and upper part of the protective structure to follow the natural flex angle of the ankle, even during complex movements. In case of lateral impacts and strains at the ankle level, the double-hinged concept and structure is completely strong and stable, protecting the ankle and minimizing possible injury.

The external structure of the Tech 10 has been designed to be as light and compact as possible around the foot, enhancing the qualities needed by a motocross boot to higher and more precise levels.

The different layers of the middle sole, inner sole and additional stitching have been replaced by a multi-density single structure with varied materials in different parts, combined into one single structure.

This revolutionary design allows to have varying degrees of impact absorbing support and flexibility in different part of the bottom of the boot: the footpeg area has unprecedented impact support while the forefoot part has a dedicated level of flexibility for sensitivity on the controls.

An other important benefit of this design is that most of the weight has been reduced on the bottom part of the boot, reducing the boot’s inertia and the rider’s effort (the closer the weight is to the rider’s body, the less effort is required to move it).

To increase safety, the external structure of the Tech 10 also features a rear guard that connects the bottom structure to the upper. This further strengthens the lateral support of the boot, adding rearward flexibility control (the boot will not flex over a certain dangerous angle, stopping in a progressive way) and protecting the entire rear of the lower leg and Achilles’ tendon from footpeg impacts.

The Tech 10’s performance has been enhanced by designing the medial part of the boot (the side against the motorcycle) to be consistently flat from the bottom to the top. This includes the sole design, all the way up to the top of the boot, with high-grip rubber designed and positioned to maximize the grip and adherence of the boot to the motorcycle. This significantly improves the rider’s control on the bike.


  • Revolutionary external structure features ultra low profile design to minimize weight at the lower section of the boot, and upper design developed for controlled flexibility, streamlined profile and superior grip against the bike.
  • Innovative biomechanical inner bootie provides the ultimate in support and safety. Torsion bars control ankle and leg rotation, while allowing freedom of movement. Bootie structure features PU protection and shock absorbing padding on the heel and ankles and an ultra thin and flexible forefoot area for increased feeling of the controls. Perforated bootie is washable and replaceable.
  • Lightweight upper combines full-grain leather with impact and abrasion resistant PU shell for unmatched levels of safety. PU guards the toes, foot, heel, ankle, calf and shin with extra hard compounds on the toe-box, heel and Achilles tendon
  • Innovative PU sspine protects the heel, controls flex and features a hyperextension guard.
  • Outer side of the boot features anti-torsion PU panel on the ankle for flexibility and support.
  • Ultra comfortable and precision fit interior features new poly fabric lining with open cell foam and a shock absorbing shin pad.
  • New and exclusive dual compound sole is seamlessly integrated to the multi-density foot base structure with built-in support. Sole provides superior durability, grip, feel and a high level of structural rigidity. The part of the sole most subject to wear is replaceable by the user.
  • Advanced closure system features 3 techno-polymer and aluminum buckles for easy adjustability with a precise, secure and streamlined fit. Buckles feature memory, a quick release/locking system and a self-aligning design for easy and precise closure. 3 buckle system works in conjunction with the entire internal structure to provide excellent support and flexibility.
  • Inner side of the boot is designed for maximum grip against the bike from top to bottom and features PU rubber panels for heat and abrasion resistance.
  • New form fitting PU gasket seals water out of the boot.
  • White model features airflow ventilation system.