AMA Makes Hats Off Helmet Removal System mandatory for 2007 Supercross andOutdoor National Series

Doc Bodnar announced that the Hats-Off helmet removal device will be mandatory starting at Anaheim one next year. See Monday Kick start for the full story.

Why Do We Need Hats Off?

We all know (or should know!) you should never remove a rider’s helmet at the scene of a crash. Modern quality helmets are so snug fitting and so well made that they offer superb protection during the crash – but can be a nightmare to take off afterwards.

Damage to the cervical spine is a real and serious danger if a helmet is not removed correctly, and the removal should only be attempted by rescuers properly trained in upper spine immobilization techniques.

To assist qualified rescuers we have HATS OFF the emergency helmet removal system that can be fitted to almost any helmet.

Mandatory with the AMA American Motorcyclist Association
– IRL Indy Racing League ( every drive at the Indy 500 was wearing the Hats
Off device.)

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