AMA Pro Racing has announced that it has teamed up with XBux Inc., to revolutionize its Bonus Awards Program by bringing it online. By moving what is normally a manual system to the internet, the AMA is able to expand and improve efficiency for its Bonus Awards Program.

Beginning with the 2007 racing season, every AMA professionally-licensed competitor will receive an AMA Pro Racing Visa debit card tied to an online XBux Pro account. This will enable participants to receive contingency payouts online. All industry sponsors participating in the AMA Bonus Awards program will have the option of participating.

The program offers many benefits to riders:

• Reduced pay-out time, typically within hours of competing, since the program is tied directly to AMA Timing and Scoring.

• Online results added to riders’ online resumes, viewable by other riders and sponsors.

• Community features, teams, buddy list, messaging and feedback between riders.

• Uploadable text, pictures and video.

• Online tracking of bonus awards.

• Awards can be spent anywhere Visa is accepted, as well as used at ATMs.

• Real-time email and text message alerts sent whenever a cash reward is deposited.

• Rider year-end tax forms are created automatically.

• Access via an 800-number tech support line.

Benefits to sponsors:

• Reduced labor cost. No more checks to issue or letters to mail.

• Reduced overhead in matching results to payout schedule.

• Online award tracking as well as full reports e-mailed on a per-event basis.

• Brand awareness and logo/naming exposure on riders’ accounts.

• Online access to all rider profiles/resumes/results.

• Direct payout access to every AMA Pro rider in one easy turnkey system.

• Access via an 800-number tech support line.

“The objective here is to get everyone on the same page, which will help drive efficiency and consistency, said Gus Niewenhous, AMA

Pro Racing’s Assistant Manager of Commercial Development. “Together with the industry, we hope to develop a system that riders can use to receive all of their sponsor awards and purse payouts. Likewise, this system will provide a turnkey program that sponsors can use for all of their contingency disbursements.

The new online Bonus Awards Program will launch this January beginning with the Amp’d Mobile AMA Supercross Series.

Future plans include integrating event purse payouts, as well as the entire AMA Sports amateur program. Sponsors will have access to every single AMA rider (75,000+) within one system. Additionally, riders will be able to receive rewards from their sponsors on one card account. The addition of the amateur program will also allow sponsors to issue online branded product and service discounts as well as branded “company currency (a company specific currency redeemable online via the sponsors’ normal retail distribution channels) as well as cash.

“We’re very excited about our new partnership with the AMA, said Richard Grogan-Crane, of XBux. “Together, we are providing a system that raises the bar significantly in what is offered to riders and sponsors. We believe our system of cash allocation, integrated results, community features, 24-7 online tracking, automated resume building and tax forms brings a very high level of service to riders and award sponsors.

For more information on the AMA Bonus Awards Program, contact Gus Niewenhous at 714.986.9030; or Connie Fleming at 614.856.1900, ext. 1258;

XBux Inc., is the premier provider of 100% online performance payout, award campaign management, promoter automation, nationally ratified results and participant community services. For more information please visit or call 866.367.9289.