AMA Pro Racing Rewards Donations to Medical Center with Superpass

PICKERINGTON, Ohio (Feb. 3, 2005) – AMA Pro Racing today announced an opportunity for American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) members to receive an all-access SuperPass, granting entry to every event on the AMA Pro Racing calendar, in exchange for a $2500 donation to the Asterisk Mobile Medical Center.

The custom-built Asterisk Mobile Medical Center is used throughout the THQ AMA Supercross Series and AMA Motocross Championship events as a quick-response assessment and treatment facility. The center is fully staffed by medical personnel, and relies almost exclusively on donations to cover operational costs.

¿Every dollar we raise from AMA members will go directly towards the operation and maintenance of the Asterisk Mobile Medical Center,¿ AMA Pro Racing Director of Safety and Logistics Hugh Fleming said. ¿Our goal is to not only help maintain the high level of medical treatment afforded by the center, but also to reward those AMA members who make a donation with special VIP-type access at the races.¿

¿This is a great way for racing fans or companies to get an inside look at all forms of AMA Pro Racing events and at the same time help the Asterisk Mobile Medical Center with its mission to provide on-site medical care for the racing community¿, said Dr. John Bodnar, Director for the Medical Center and trackside physician for the Supercross and Motocross Series.

In addition to supporting safety efforts in racing, AMA members who make a $2500 donation to the Asterisk Mobile Medical Center will receive an AMA Pro Racing SuperPass, good for entry to over 70 AMA Pro Racing events nationally. This includes race and pit access to the THQ AMA Supercross Series, AMA Motocross Championship, AMA Superbike Championship, AMA Supermoto Championship and AMA Flat Track Championship.  Other benefits include a plaque and recognition by AMA Pro Racing on its website.

For further information on the Asterisk Mobile Medical Center or to make a donation, call Hugh Fleming c/o AMA Pro Racing at (614) 856-1900 extension 1281, or email

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