AMA Pro Racing To Study Supercross Track Design

PICKERINGTON, Ohio (January 13, 2006) ¿ AMA Pro Racing announced today that it is reviewing the current Supercross track design and construction process. The review is in response to concerns noted by AMA Pro Racing officials and riders regarding the current state of track design.

In making the announcement AMA Pro Racing Supercross/Motocross Series Manager Steve Whitelock identified a few reasons for the review. “Ensuring that we’re paying close attention to the designs of our tracks is something we always do but with virtually the entire field now riding four-stroke equipment, it’s time we take another close look at the process,” said Whitelock. “Four-stroke bikes deliver power differently than two-strokes and we want to see if there’s anything we need to change as a result of that. We also want to make sure that the tracks are designed to ensure the best possible racing environment and provide the greatest opportunity for close competition. Finally, safety, as always, is an ongoing consideration.”

The shape, number and location of specific obstacles are specifically what Whitelock wants to review.

“We believe that Dirt Wurx (the company that designs all but one of the tracks in the AMA Supercross Series) does a great job overall and is responsive to the large amount of input they receive from us, riders, the promoter and fans,” said Whitelock. “Our review process will be done in harmony with their expertise and experience with track construction.”

Whitelock noted that there is no single, easy answer. “Riders have differing opinions on what makes a good track,” said Whitelock. “Some desire highly technical tracks with many obstacles and tough whoops sections. Others prefer faster, more flowing designs. The goal of everybody, though, is to build tracks that are as safe as possible and deliver great racing for the fans. That’s our objective as we proceed with this process.”

Round two of the 2006 Amp’d Mobile AMA Supercross Series will be held this Saturday at Chase Field in Phoenix, Ariz. Whitelock has already begun meeting with key individuals as part of the review process and will continue meetings this weekend.

About AMA Pro Racing

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