AMA/WML Altex Computers MX Championship and the WML International Championship – Sacramento, CA

The WML pro women continued to take professional women’s racing to another level with both motos running on Sunday in conjunction with the AMA/Chevy Trucks Motocross Championship. Round 2 of the AMA/WML Altex Computers Motocross Championship and the WML International Championship featured riders from seven countries battling on the fabled Dirt Digger’s Hangtown National track.

Jessica Patterson (KAW) took the holeshot in moto one with round one winner Steffi Laier (KTM), Michigan’s Sarah Whitmore (YAM) and Jessica Snyder (YAM) in pursuit. Patterson’s lead was soon relinquished when she crashed hard on a rough downhill section midway through lap one ending her day of racing.

Laier assumed the lead, with Italy’s Stefy Bau (HON) and Germany’s Alexandra Haupt (KAW) battling for third position. New Zealand’s Tania Satchwell (YAM) fell on lap two injuring her shoulder and retiring for the day. Laier continued to stretch her lead, crossing the finish line 10 seconds ahead of Whitmore. Haupt passed Bau on lap four to hold onto third position while Shelly Harens (YAM ) made an incredible charge from fourteenth place on lap one to finish fifth just behind Bau.

Sarah Whitmore edged out Sheena Patterson (SUZ) for the Sick Racing holeshot award to start moto two. Moto one winner Laier rounded lap one in fifth position, ten seconds behind leader Whitmore. Marisa Hampshire (KAW) moved into second position by lap two, with Laier charging past her by lap three and her sights now set on catching Whitmore. Shelly Harens once again was charging through the pack from a sixth place start moving into fourth and battling with Hampshire by lap five. At the white flag Laier trailed Whitmore by one second, eventually passing her on an uphill tabletop jump with less than half a lap remaining. Laier held on at the checkers ending another perfect weekend of racing with 1-1 moto scores for the International Championship overall. Whitmore, although disappointed finished second overall with 2-2 scores. Alexandra Haupt rode into a steady third overall with 3-5 moto scores while Hampshire held off Harens at the finish for fourth overall.

The WML is sponsored by Altex Computers, Honda Rider’s Club, Scott, Dunlop, Alpinestars, Thor, and Racer X. Additional support is provided by Sick Racing, I Precision, Throttle Jockey, Pro Clean, Sunstar, and Universal. The WML invites you to visit round three of it’s championship series July 26 at Washougal WA. For additional information and updates please check us out on the web at

WML Pro Racing

  1. 110 Steffi Laier KTM 1/1
  2. 4 Sarah Whitmore YAM 2/2
  3. 99 Alex Haupt KAW 3/5
  4. 321 Marisa Hampshire KAW 6/3
  5. 67 Shelly Harens YAM 5/4
  6. 211 Stefy Bau HON 4/8
  7. 12 Jessica Snyder YAM 8/6
  8. 68 Tarah Gieger HON 7/10
  9. 6 Sheena Patterson SUZ 13/7
  10. 7 Kirsten Raemisch SUZ 12/9
  11. 5 Jacki Hudson HON 11/12
  12. 245 Jessye Davis YAM 9/14
  13. 111 Katie Wakely YAM 10/15
  14. 14 Kaide Garrett YAM 14/13
  15. 122 Tamra Fern YAM 20/11
  16. 144 Nikki Harris Kaw 16/18
  17. 380 Malerie Prochnavy KAW 19/16
  18. 517 Mickey Gonzalez SUZ 18/19
  19. 24 Ashely Boham HON 17/20
  20. 125 Jennifer Caputo YAM 21/17
  21. 85 Alyssa Culley YAM 21/21
  22. 36 Bonnie Warch YAM 19/18
  23. 112 Bodana Danyilu YAM 24/22
  24. 409 Jessica Foster HON 23/23
  25. 527 Jaime Pamituan SUZ 26/24
  26. 34 Camille Baker YAM 25/DNF

DNF 105 Tania Satchwell YAM
DNF 250 Jessica Patterson KAW

Top 10 Points Standings

  1. Steffi Laier 100
  2. Sarah Whitmore 81
  3. Alex Haupt 70
  4. Stefy Bau 67
  5. Shelly Harens 61
  6. Marisa Hampshire 577
  7. Kirsten Raemisch 45
  8. Jacki Hudson 42
  9. Jessica Snyder 41
  10. Sheena Patterson 40

WML Pro Racing Highlights from Hangtown featured in the AMA Motocross 125 cc on ESPN 2, Sunday, May 25th 12-1 p.m. Eastern.