Amp’d Mobile SupercrossTeams Up With Impact Video!

Impact Video has been chosen to be the exclusive distributor of the”official” Amp’d Mobile Supercross apparel.

Previously only available at the Amp’d Mobile Supercross events, the official Supercross tees and jerseys can NOW, FOR THE FIRST TIME, be purchased at motorcycle shops across the nation all year long.

You can now purchase your wears BEFORE the race!

But don’t go looking at Tilly’s or Wall Mart for these hot styles, they are only available through Impact Video dealer shops.

The line includes quality mens and youth t-shirts, womens wear and rider jerseys.

Designs include Carmichael, Stewart, McGrath, Reed, LaRocco and the official Amp’d Mobile Supercross series logo.

For more information, contact:


75 Argonaut, Ste. B, Aliso Viejo, CA 92677
Phone: 1-800-697-9914
Fax: 949-460-9497