Amp’d Mobile World Supercross GP/Amp’d Mobile AMA Supercross Series Anaheim 2 Stats: January 21, 2006

AURORA, Ill. (January 18, 2006) — Amp’d Mobile World Supercross GP/Amp’d Mobile AMA Supercross Series returns to Angel Stadium of Anaheim for its 40th AMA Supercross race.

  • Not since 2003 have three different racers won the first three rounds, this can happen this weekend.
  • This will be the 40th time the gate has dropped in Anaheim. The first race in Anaheim was 12-4-76 and Marty Smith won.
  • Pontiac holds the all-time record for most AMA Supercross races with 46, Anaheim is second and Houston is third.
  • Last weekend Carmichael earned his first win since St. Louis of last season and his first win on a four-stroke.
  • Carmichael can become the season’s first two-time AMA Supercross race winner for the third time of his career.
  • Carmichael became the first rider to win at the same venue on a two-stroke and a four-stroke.
  • Last weekend was Carmichael’s 8th win on a Suzuki, placing him second on the all-time Suzuki win list behind Mark Barnett with 16. It was his 41st career AMA Supercross win.
  • Chad Reed now has 17 consecutive top 5 finishes. He scored his 46th career podium in 50 starts in Phoenix. Reed is 7th on the all-time AMA Supercross podium list; Rick Johnson has 51.
  • Jeremy McGrath scored his first top 5 finish since Anaheim 2 last year.  McGrath has 72 AMA Supercross wins and this weekend will be his 164th career start.
  • Since 2000, the first rider to win two AMA Supercross races in a season has gone on to win the title 4 times.
  • Since Dallas in 2005 there has not be a first-time AMA Supercross winner. Before that Reed became a first-time winner when he won Anaheim in 2003. There have only been two first-time winners in 50 races, Stewart and Reed.
  • Since 2000 there have been 98 races and only nine different winners of AMA Supercross races: McGrath, Vuillemin, Windham, Carmichael, LaRocco, Ramsey, Reed, Lusk and Stewart.
  • Carmichael is the only rider to win in Anaheim on 3 brands: Kawasaki; Honda; Suzuki.
  • McGrath won Anaheim on two brands: Honda and Yamaha.
  • Windham was the first rider to win Anaheim on a four-stroke (2004); Stewart was the second at Anaheim 1 this year.
  • The 1986 supercross classic between Ricky Johnson and David Bailey was 20 years ago on January 18, 1986. Bailey won the race.
  • Ivan Tedesco won 3 races in Anaheim in 2004; 2 of 3 in 2005; he has five wins and is the all-time winningest rider in Anaheim for the AMA Supercross Lites division.
  • McGrath, Windham and Stewart have won Anaheim in both racing classes.
  • Still waiting on a two-time winner in the AMA Supercross Lites class. It took Tedesco five races last season to pull it off.
  • Ramsey gave KTM their 8th AMA Supercross Lites victory last weekend.

Four- Stroke History

  • Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki have won a AMA Supercross main event. Doug Henry (Yamaha: ’97); Nathan Ramsey (Honda ’02); Kevin Windham (Honda ’05); James Stewart (Kawasaki ’06); Ricky Carmichael (Suzuki ’06)
  • Riders to win a supercross on a 250 two-stroke and a four-stroke: Henry; Windham; Stewart; Carmichael.
  • Two Honda riders have won a AMA Supercross main event on a 250 two-stroke and a four-stroke: Ramsey and Windham.

AMA Supercross Wins by Brand in Anaheim

Honda: 19
Yamaha: 12
Kawasaki: 4
Suzuki: 4

AMA Supercross Lites Wins by Brand in Anaheim

Kawasaki: 13
Yamaha: 5
Suzuki: 5
Honda: 5
KTM: 3

Anaheim Wins by Rider

McGrath: 8
Reed: 3

Seven first time winners in Anaheim

David Bailey: 1983
Damon Bradshaw: 1990
Donnie Hansen: 1982
Chad Reed: 2003
Kent Howerton: 1979
Gaylon Mosier: 1978
Johnny O’Mara: 1984

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