Anaheim II – Track Update

Unless you have been cooped up in a basement all week with no connection to the outside world, you should know that California was hit all week with some of the heaviest precipitation the state has seen in a decade. Inches upon inches of rain (and more than six feet of snow in some mountain areas) have turned SoCal from its typical brown (or “gold” as Californians like to call it) to green and white. As one would imagine, the weather has wreaked havoc on the hard-working folks of Dirt Wurx and Feld Entertainment.

While they were able to build the majority of the track before the rains even arrived, covering a track in such conditions can only do so much. When the track was uncovered earlier today, it was apparent that a whole lot of water had seeped through the tarps. Now with the third round of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship set to go off only hours from now, the track crew is scrambling to get things ready. As a result, they are mixing in, literally, tons of sand to the track to help soak up the moisture and deliver what is sure to be a very interesting round.

After this entire week of storms, we have hit a bright patch, as partially cloudy skies and warmer temps could deliver one of the best rounds of the series. As always, stay tuned to throughout the day for updates on the track, riders, and of course, racing.

Right now, the plan is for one practice per class which will all begin at 3pm as opposed to the typical 12pm start time.