Announcing The $100,000 Wonder Warthog Winner Bonus

CycleLogic Products, Inc., the parent company of Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant along with ProClean1000 is proud to announce the largest financial bonus ever offered a privateer Supercross racer in the history of Supercross as part of the Wonder Warthog Racing Privateer Program.

CycleLogic Products, Inc., Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant and ProClean1000 were able to secure Indian Harbor Insurance, an A+ carrier, to underwrite and guarantee this $100,000 award to any Wonder Warthog Racing (WWR) Privateer Program eligible and registered racer who wins a 2005 THQ Supercross Series 250cc Main Event.

This would be a one-time award to the first WWR eligible and registered competitor to win a 250cc 2005 THQ Supercross Series main event. WWR will be the administrator of the rider verification and eligibility of the bonus. A copy of the award check along with the guarantee and assurance letter verifying the legitimacy of the award will be available for viewing at every 2005 THQ Supercross Series event at the WWR registration and information center in the pit area.

If any eligible and registered rider does win a 250cc 2005 THQ Supercross Series main event, the official awarding of the bonus will take place at the following round, in a manner agreed upon between WWR and Clear Channel Entertainment/Pace Supercross.

“This took a huge amount of work and homework to get this $100,000 bonus in place. Buddy Walton of ProClean1000 and Steve Bauer of WWR were instrumental in getting this done. We all wanted to get a bonus out there that would not only make the privateer racer take notice, but the public and industry as well. I think the largest bonus ever offered the privateers, a $100,000.00 payday, would fit that bill” – David A. Kimmey, President, CycleLogic Products, Inc.

“We at Wonder Warthog Racing are grateful to Engine Ice and ProClean 1000 for their generosity and initiative in creating this awesome and very real award.  Nothing would be better than to see one of our hard-working Team Warthog privateers duplicate the feat accomplished nearly twenty years ago by Ricky Ryan, the only privateer in history to win a 250 Supercross main event.  We believe that if Ricky could do it, surely one of today’s talented racers can pull it off.” – Steve Bauer, President, Wonder Warthog Racing

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ProClean1000 is the manufacturer of premier cleaning and care products for chrome, plastic, paint and leather. Racers using ProClean1000 products have won dozens of Amateur and Professional National Championships including several AMA GNCC Off-road Events and Championships. Top racers like Rodney Smith, Mike Lafferty, Ty Davis, Randy Hawkins, Barry Hawk, Jason Raines, Nathan Woods and many more have come to rely on ProClean1000 products. ProClean1000 is located in Houston, Texas and distributed by Motorcycle Stuff and Western Powersports. Additional distribution opportunities are availaable. For more information on the line of ProClean1000 products, please visit their website at

Wonder Warthog Racing (WWR) is a unique company formed to better the sport of motocross.  WWR is comprised of two distinct entities:  Team Warthog, created to conceptualize, fund, and execute meaningful programs aimed directly at the privateers; and Wonder Warthog Enterprises (WWE), which is focused on merchandise and entertainment products such as video games and cartoon incarnations based on the Wonder Warthog comic book character. A portion of WWE revenues are earmarked for Team Warthog funding.