Antonio Cairoli’s “Train With Tony” Day By Red Bull

Red Bull “Train With Tony”
By Claudio Cabrini
After his incredible first season in MX1 where he won the World Championship and impressed everyone with his raw speed, Antonio Cairoli and his personal sponsor Red Bull organized a pair of events to thank all the fans: a two-day MX school on November 15th in Cremona in northern Italy, and on november 29th in Montalbano Jonico for southern Italy.
It was a fantastic occasion to learn a world champion’s secrets about how to be fast on a motocross track. To gain entrance to this special event, the participants sent an E-mail to explain why they wanted to be in Antonio’s school, and Cairoli choose the 30 lucky riders. Today in Cremona event there was also a young rider from Iceland: Antonio is his favorite rider, and he sent the request and when Cairoli choose him he took a plane and was the happiest Icelander rider in the world! Also Claudio Federici, a former GP rider, MXon winner and now owner of a MX school and Italian federation trainer, was there to help Antonio teach the school. Antonio was very nice and gentle with all the race fans: is not so usual to see a World Champion help an “Average Joe” that can’t pull his own bike out of water hole!