Applied Racing R/S 21.5MM Offset Clamps

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COLORS: Black, blue, red, and silver
PRICE: $395.95 (Tested on 2013 Suzuki RM-Z450)

These 21.5mm offset triple clamps from Applied Racing are the company's latest offering for the 2013-2014 Suzuki RM-Z450. Applied Racing’s R/S 21.5mm offset clamps feature a new bar clamp mount that is a combination of rubber and solid. The combination is designed to give the clamps the best attributes of both designs. The rubber elastomers are made from a proprietary formula, and are inserted into the triple clamps with a stainless steel collar that is then inserted into the rubber elastomers. The combination makes for a solid feeling mount while still reducing vibration. Also available in the kit are solid aluminum bushings that can replace the rubber bushings, creating a completely solid bar mount. The 21.5mm offset is designed to improve turning prowess of the already impressive steering abilities of the RM-Z450.

-Installation is easy and fitment is spot on
-21.5mm offset improves turning prowess, allowing the bike to be even more agile in turns without effecting straight-line stability
-The different colors available can match almost any bike
-We liked the way the rubber/solid combination still reduced vibration, yet also had the feel of a solid mount
-Can be purchased for over-sized bars or standard
-The clamps give the front end of the bike a more planted, solid feel over rough chop and while railing a rut or corner
-Steering stem and bearings can be purchased separately and Applied will press the stem into the clamps

Applied Racing R/S 21.5MM Offset Clamps

The bar clamps are available in over-sized or standard and come with the new rubber/solid mount or full solid mount.

-These clamps don't provide as much vibration dampening as traditionally designed rubber-mounted clamps

These clamps do a great job at giving the rider the best attributes of a solid mounted bar clamp as well as rubber mounted, by reducing vibration while also providing a great solid feel. The slightly different offset from stock also improves turning of the already impressive cornering RM-Z450, while not hindering straight-line stability and handling.

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