Are You TransWorldMX’s Biggest Fan?

How far would you go for your favorite magazine? How far would you go for your favorite magazine if there was a possibility of free knee braces from EVS? That is the million dollar question; well, actually it’s more like the free knee brace question, but you know what we mean.

Point is, we have a set of shiny new knee braces from EVS ($690 value, size large) and we want to give them to our biggest fan. So if you think you are TransWorld Motocross’ biggest fan, show us a photo proving your loyalty.

About the EVS Web Brace:

-Removable and washable liner keeps the brace attached to your leg without sliding down
– Lightweight frame
– Keeps the WEB comfortable to wear during those intense 10-hour-ride days
– Twin-wall, hollow-core, carbon fiber construction for strength and durability
– Provides stability and structural support to your knees skeletal structure
-Crumple zones
– Helps to limit the risk of a femur break
– Absorbs impacts and will eventually break so that your femur will not
-Articulating knee cup
– Keeps your knee impact protected no matter if your leg is bent or straight
-Designed to actually absorb the impact, rather than pass it on to other parts of
your leg
-5 mm calf cuff helps keep the WEB secure and in place
-The TM5 hinge offers a patented and indefinitely accurate tracking of the anatomical motion of the flexion and extension of the knee
-Allows the accurate tracking of the hinge and the brace along with it to match the motion of the knee in identical fashion which eliminates any movement of the shells independent of your leg
-Eliminates any rubbing and/or chafing on the skin surface, technically known as "pistoning"
-Makes the brace fit naturally and comfortable on the leg and eliminates migration because it isn't pushing down
-Helps the brace move with your knee, not against it
-Allows the rider to have better feel and contact when gripping the bike
-The extension stops are effortless to set
-There are a small number of contact areas, which means less wear and tear and improved durability
– -Check them out at

So login, upload you photo, and tag it “TWMX Biggest Fan.” You just may win. We’ll announce a winner  on Monday Kickstart – Millville.

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