ARMA Energy Snx Triple Crown Series

This weekend, the ARMA Energy Snx Triple Crown MX Series gets underway at Cahuilla Creek MX Park, in Anza California. Touted as one of the premier motocross series in Southern California, this is an event not to be missed! TransWorld Motocross will be on hand to cover this weekend’s Halloween Day races, so check back on Monday for photos, videos, results, and more!


Opening Round Information

Cahuilla Creek MX – For more information on fees, camping and practice schedule see web site at

Saturday: Sign ups open from 1pm to 3pm.

Sunday: Sign ups open at 6:30am. Practice will start at 8:00am racing to follow.

Costume Contest: Put on your favorite costume at intermission it’s time for some dancing! The crowd winner gets the prize! Triple Crown will have one adult winner and one child (under 13) winner! (Make sure to register at sign ups before 11am)

Pumpkin Contest: Bring in your already carved pumpkin and display it by the sign up area, We will be taking votes all day, so at the end of the day when you come to pick your pumpkin up, find out if you have won!

We will do our best to make sure all of our young riders will race in time to be home for trick or treating.

Event Information

If you would like to Pre-Register for the event please do this my emailing us at or come by from 1pm – 3pm the Saturday before each race to sign up.  Please make sure you have your minor with you to sign release.

Visit www.triplecrownpromotions for more event info.  **This is a cash only event**

Entry Fees: $35.00 First Class, $30.00 each addional Class. No Membership Required.

Classes Offered:

Age as of 01-01-2010,  Beginner classes 1 year or less of racing experience.

*Super Pee Wee (Thru 9) * Pee Wee (4-6) * Pee Wee (7-8) * 65cc Beg (6-9) * 65cc (0-8) * 65cc (9-11) * 65cc Open

* 85cc Beg (7-11) * 85cc (12-16) *  85cc Thru 11 * 85cc Jr. open thru 11 *85cc (12-13) * 85cc (14-16) * 85cc Open

*Supermini* 150cc Open Class* 250 SchoolBoy/Thru 16 (non-pro) * 250 Beg * 250 Nov * 250 Int * 250 Pro (payback)

* 250 Open (non- pro) * 450 College boy (17-24) (pros allowed, no payback) * 450 Beg* 450 Nov * 450 Int

* 450 Pro (payback)  450 Open (non-pro) * 25+ Nov * 25+ Int * 25+ Exp (payback) * 30+ Nov * 30+ Int

* 30+ Exp ( payback) * 40+ Nov * 40+ Int * 40+ Exp (pay back) * Girls 65cc0in * Women’s 1250in

* Industry Classes:  Amateur, Expert (pay back) **

Series end awards – Racers must ride all three rounds in the same class to qualify.  Classes must have 5 or more qualifying riders to receive series end awards.   Triple Crown awards are given out to the top three riders of each qualifying class. Pay Back classes race for cash not series end awards.

Qualifying Raffles – Series end raffle will be done throughout the day at the final round, you must be present to win. Non qualifying (smaller) raffle winners do not need to be present; we will email you if you win.