It is with great sadness that I must withdraw from the 2012 ESPN X Games, I am absolutely heartbroken that I will miss this year but I need to do what is right for my health and my future.

In Golden Colorado on June 2nd I was involved in a crash that left me with a concussion, after close medical attention I was unable to pass various tests forcing me to stay off the motorcycle and miss the 4th round of the outdoor series.

I continued medical testing with my doctors and on Friday June 22nd I was told I could start training again as long as I did not experience any headaches or other "post concussion" symptoms, I immediately returned to training but unfortunately any physical activity resulted in a headache.

I met with my doctors, my trainer, and my family and we decided that the right decision was to take more time off and not return to racing or training until I am 100%.

I would like to thank ESPN for their support of Action Sports, Women’s Racing, and me as an athlete, I would also like to thank my sponsors American Honda, Red Bull, Aplinestars, AGV, Traxxas, Scott, Young & Reckless Clothing, Freegun, Vizio, and CycleNano.

Ashley Fiolek