Ashley’s Sidekick: Another Trip to Cali

HeyZ everyone! Well, I just went out to California again, (man why does everything happen out there??) and, of course, I had a great time! We were only there Monday through Friday morning, and our days were jammed packed with things to do!

When my dad and I first arrived in California, Donn picked us up from the airport, and our first stop was to FMF. It was really cool to take a tour of the place. We got to see how they made two-stroke and four-stroke pipes — which was cool to see — and I also got to meet Lil D’s dad!

You would think heading out to Cali would be ALL fun and games, but not totally true. I was staying with the Maeda’s, so of course my new trainer put me to work. Eileen helped me with all of my new exercises to make sure that I was doing them correctly, and she made me do a ton of ab work. I think I got a six-pack in just 3 days. Haha! It was all good though, and I learned a lot too. I had to be careful with what I was eating; you never know if she was watching me! Haha! JK!

Of course we went riding. Our first riding day was at Comp Edge, where Donn thought he was going to beat me, but he couldn’t. He gave it a good try though. Haha! Just kidding ya, Donn!

We had a lot of fun riding. There were a bunch of WMA pros riding at Comp Edge; it was a lot of fun to ride with them for sure! There were also some of the guy pros and amateurs on the pro track — man they can rip!

On Tuesday night I went to the Xtremey Awards show, which was amazing. I hung out with Malcolm from Alpinestars, Jeremy from Red Bull, Josh Allen and his wife Tina from TransWorld, and Malcolm’s girlfriend. I met Greg Albertyne and Sal Fish who were both great guys — I couldn’t believe that I was getting the chance to meet them! I saw Ronnie Renner and David Solomon there too.

One of the best parts of the Xtremeys for me, was when I was given the “Inspirational Athlete of the Year award! I was so pumped about that! Thank you everyone, very much. What a surprise to me, and what a great night!

I went to Starwest on Wednesday with Donn, and had a great time riding. The track is very fun to ride. That night Donn and his family, my dad, and me went bowling (the sport I suck at the most!). Haha. I did have a good time though; I used the bumpers (Haha) and scored 139, but Donn scored 156. Oh man!

For the second game I was planning to win everything, but I wasn’t really playing hard on the last frame and I missed by one — my dad beat me by one point. I was like, “nooooo, I totally messed up!” But I still had a blast. Donn’s daughter, Megan, is actually a real good bowler, so watch out for her!

On Thursday we went to hang out with Malcolm all day, starting with a trip to the huge Honda factory; that place was awesome! I met Kevin Windham’s mechanic, Lars, and he gave me Kevin Windham’s and Andrew Short’s number plates, which I have already hung up in my room. I also got to meet Erik Kehoe; he is a great guy.

After Honda we went to the Alpinestars building, which is sooooo cool. We did a photo shoot there; it was really funny! Malcolm is so crazy!

When we told Malcolm that we went bowling with Donn and his family, he wanted to go too, to see if I’m any good. I beat Malcolm in the first game, without the bumpers. Then in second game, Malcolm smoked me! He got 165, my dad got 164, and I only scored 96. I told you I stunk at bowling! Afterwards we went to a sushi restaurant — it was so delicious! I had a great day hanging with Malcolm.

When my dad and I went back to Donn’s house to pick up some of our luggage, Donn dyed my hair with a hot pink stripe!! It actually looks pretty good. Whew!

Thanks to Donn and his family for putting up with my dad and me. I wish I would have had a chance to hang out with Donn’s other daughter, Samantha, but she was not there last week, so I only had Megan to bother! Haaha…