Ashley’s Sidekick: Back in Action!

HeyZ everyone! I have been so bored for the last six weeks, but last Friday I finally went back to my doctor for one more check up, and I got great news! Dr. Augustine said I could try to ride if I wanted too, or I could wait just one more week. Obviously I chose to ride! But I still have to use one crutch to walk around and I am also using an EVS ankle brace on my foot/ankle.

I was so pumped to get back to the track again! On Saturday, my family and I went to a track called Bostwick Creek MX. My dad told me not to do any jumps; just roll over them because my ankle is still really sore because of the new bone growth, and because I have not been using it for six weeks. I did jump some of the jumps, just real small ones — we all know how it is when we haven’t ridden in such a long time!

I rode for just a short time because my ankle was getting sore after a few times out, but I had a blast! I rode with Jimmy Norton, one of my old racing friends. Jimmy used to ride all of the time but then got out of it for a while. But Jimmy is back riding again and he happened to be at Bostwick, so he rode with me. Good times!

My little brother was so excited that he could ride too. Bostwick has a cool little kids track there — he was so cute!

My ankle felt good that night because it was being stretched out for the first time in a long time. On Sunday my dad, one of my friends that lives nearby, and I went to another local track called Pax. I still can’t do any jumps for a couple more days, just to keep my ankle in good shape. I was going pretty good on Sunday compared to Saturday and my dad told me he thinks I need to slow down…ha ha! But I told my dad I missed going real fast! When I went out for the second practice the track was getting some rough braking bumps and my ankle got real sore, but of course I kept going and accidentally stepped down on my foot pretty hard and kind of tweaked my ankle. I went home and soaked it for a while in a hot bath…ahhh that felt pretty good! The doctor told me it would still be sore, especially when I started back to riding and using it again. I guess he was right!

Well, I just wanted to let everyone know how stoked I was to be back riding. Now I am getting ready for some upcoming races. I am also getting ready to be Donn’s pit crew at Lorettas. He’s my best bud, but he better watch out for my pit board messages! I think it will be fun to go to Loretta’s and have a different view of everything.

Oh BTW…no more braces for me! Yay! Two-and-a-half years later, and I’m finally not tasting metal any more! 🙂