Ashley’s Sidekick: Back to SoCal

Hey guys! I was out in California for Anaheim 1 and to meet with the Red Bull team, and I had a wild time! My dad and I flew out on Tuesday before the races and we hooked up with Jeremy from Red Bull. On Wednesday Red Bull had a media day and I got to do a bunch of cool things. I rode a drifter car and buggy car, then I went to do an indoor sky diving thing; it was a blast, I’m telling you!! I also got to meet Ryan Sheckler, the pro skateboarder; he is really nice. On Wednesday night my dad and I did the DMXS radio show; that was pretty cool too!

I got to ride with Donn for two days and I whipped Donn’s butt! Hahaha! I just had to say that! I had a good time riding. We rode at Elsinore and Competitive Edge, but only did two laps at Comp Edge because it was super windy!

We also did a photo shoot with Ricky James. While shooting photos we had to lean way over in the turn. Ricky did it way better than me. He is the man!

Then we all got to go to the races on Saturday and had a really good time at Anaheim. Unfortunately we had to come back home.

I’m back home now, and everything is back to normal; ride, train and school work. I have a lot to catch up on, and I’m also busy getting ready for the Texas amateur nationals.

I just got a new mechanic. He arrived here on Tuesday from Wisconsin. Burrrr! His name is Cody Wolf, and he will be living with us now and helping us to take care of my bikes. Cody is part of our family already!