Ashley’s Sidekick: Bad News!

Hey everyone! Ashley here again, and I’m feeling a little bummed out this time around. Two weekend’s ago I went to Ohio for an area qualifier at Crow Canyon — a real cool track. On Saturday I raced in the women’s classes and I won both moto’s and felt really good. On Sunday I decided I wanted to stick around and try out for the 14-16 mod boys’ class. In the first moto I got the holeshot and I ended up in sixth place. I was pretty pumped! In the second moto, I got the holeshot again and was feeling pretty good!

We were the first moto after they had just done some track maintenance and watered a lot. I was in third place and we were all hauling through a long straight with three doubles when I hit the face of a jump that was really slick from the water. I went sideways on the face and couldn’t save it, flying about 20 feet in the air before I wadded it up. I hit the ground hard and when I stood up and tried to get to my bike, I fell back down. I wanted to try and finish the race but instead I just went back to my truck to take a look at my ankle. My dad said it was the worst crash he had ever seen me in. A lot of the people there couldn’t believe that I stood up after that crash! You should see my helmet and my bike; they are messed up!

My ankle was hurting pretty bad, but on the drive home I kept it elevated and iced up. We couldn’t get in to the doctors until Wednesday so I just kept on icing it. I didn’t really think it was broken, just sprained pretty bad. But I went to see Dr. Augustine on Wednesday morning — he has worked with a lot of top riders when they have been hurt like Bubba and Ronnie Tichenor, and also works for the Asterisk mobile team. Dr. Augustine took an x-ray and unfortunately it was broken, so he put me in a hard cast and said I would have to be out for six weeks.

My dad thought my regional was the 21st of June and he asked when the cast would come off. Dr Augustine said to come back in a week and he would put on a soft cast so I could try and workout a little. Well it turns out my backup regional is the ninth of June — awww man! So when we went back we told the doctor about the ninth, but he said the bone was healing well but was still swollen pretty badly. He said still about two or three more weeks until I can ride again.

My friend, Taylor Johnson has a Diapulse machine so I am at his house now trying to use the machine for therapy. We told Doctor Augustine about it and he was familiar with the machines and said that we could give it a shot. We go back to the doctors on Wednesday for another x-ray, hopefully I will be able to race in my regional next weekend. Right now I am sitting bored at Taylor’s house just doing schoolwork and hoping that I will be well enough to ride!