Ashley’s Sidekick:
Loretta’s 2006

Well, a lot has happened since my first Ashley’s Sidekick column, but I will do my best to update you on what has been going on! All of that training and practicing that I have been doing all year paid off, as Ponca City and Loretta Lynn’s were a blast!

For more photos click the link to the far right.Check out the photos of Ashley in action at Loretta Lynn’s.

I went to race the Ponca City Grand National Championships in Oklahoma before the Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Championships, and I had an awesome week at Ponca. I won two championships there! I won in the Girl’s 65-85cc class, and I also won the Women’s 125-250cc-class championship. I was the first girl to ever win at Ponca City because this is the first year that they had girl’s classes in the program. That made my two championships even cooler!

In the Boy’s 85cc class race I got second off the line behind Blake Wharton. I was excited, but then another boy hit me and our motorcycles got stuck together! Finally, after lots of pulling and pushing on them, we got them apart and I ended up 14th at the finish. I didn’t race the last moto of the boy’s class because it started to rain really hard and I thought it would be a mud fest, anyway. (Haha!) I was in 14th and here was no reason for me to stay. Plus, I didn’t want to mess up my race bike for Loretta’s! Once we made that decision, we loaded up early and left to go to Loretta Lynn’s Dude Ranch.

I had some bad luck at Loretta’s, but I still had an awesome week there. In the first Women’s moto, I was in third, but my best friend Sarah Whitmore took me out! Thanks a lot, White Chocolate! (Haha, just kidding!) Sarah was out of control and hit me and our motorcycles got stuck together…ouch! When we finally we were able to separate them, I started trying to make up for lost time but my motorcycle stopped working because something was wrong with my carburetor, and the choke kept going on and off and on and off. Also, my pipe was crushed! I got a DNF, and I was very sad.

In the second moto I got 41st gate pick! (Haha!) I got a pretty bad start but I worked my way up to seventh because I’m a spode! (Haha!) In the third moto, though, my start was ok but then I had an awesome race. I moved up to fifth and was battling with Jessica Patterson, Elizabeth Bash and—you guessed it—Sarah! Me and Jessica passed each other back and forth a few times and it was pretty exciting! Jessica got past me then I got by Elizabeth and Sarah and I wound up with fourth at the finish! I wanted to get third so badly, because I wanted to stand on the podium. It was very close!

I still was very excited and pumped that I finished in fourth place. I had real great time!

I was also in the Boy’s 85cc 14-15-year-old class and I wound up with 11th overall in that class. That is pretty exciting to me that I beat 31 boys! Yippee! I kept getting really good starts in that class. In the first moto I was right out there at the front with Terren O’Dell, Blake Wharton, and Lowell Spangler! I was pumped but I fell back to 14th in that moto. It is hard to keep up the boys’ pace! In my second moto I had another good start, right with Blake Wharton, but I made a few mistakes in that moto and I dropped back to 17th. My last moto wasn’t my best start with the boy’s but I was still right there and this time I was ready! I held on to 13th place and for a while my mom said I had 5 or 6 boys right behind me, but then I started to pull them a little at the end of the moto! It was so much fun and really different to be at Loretta’s and racing with boys!

Also, I want to say thanks to Donn very much for coming to Loretta Lynn’s to watch me race! Donn is a blast to hang out with. I had lots of fun at Ponca and Loretta Lynn’s, and I wish the time didn’t go by so fast!

– Ashley Fiolek ,67

For more photos click the link to the far right.Check out the photos of Ashley in action at Loretta Lynn’s.