Ashley’s Sidekick:
My Trip to SoCal

Whew! I just got back home from California, and I had a lot of fun there. We did so much stuff while we were in California.

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On Thursday my dad and I drove from Las Vegas to California, we were in Las Vegas for a Honda Convention. On Thursday night I went to MotoBowl and I actually did pretty good (usually I stink at bowling, haha) I still had a blast! I talked with so many pro riders, I even talked with Ernesto Fonseca–he is such a cool guy. It was great to have so many people there having a good time and raising money for hurt riders.

On Friday I went to Competitive Edge, that is the name of a track out in California, I have heard a lot about it but I had never been before. I loved the track and I think it is now one of my favorite tracks along with HangTown. I rode with Donn Maeda and Sarah Whitmore. I also rode with Ricky James (JEEZ) he is very fast and I had a lot of fun riding with him! I rode on the new CRF150, and man it was very fast, no kidding.

Last weekend we went to Glen Helen for the Nationals, and there was alot of good racing out there. I got to go into the Honda pit area to see what goes on there and meet some of the pros. It was really interesting. Whoo Hoo James Stewart won!!

I got to hang out with some of my friends that live out in California too that was fun.. Bridget and Eric, Landon Currier, Spenser Wernli, Myles Tedder. On Monday I went to Donn’s work and it’s pretty neat. I would like to work for TransWorld someday 🙂 On Tuesday, we came back to Competitive Edge and there were lots of people out there. I got to ride with my new friend that I just met at Loretta Lynn’s this year, Andrew Silverstein, and I also rode with Blake Baggett. I crashed pretty hard, I probably was just being a spode or something :-)..

On Wednesday it was Donn’s birthday and he had chocolate cake for breakfast and for dinner…haha. We drove like forever to Zaca Station, but it was worth it because the track is awesome! I rode on the new CRF150 again, and was three seconds faster than on a stock 85. I rode with Ricky James again. I love riding with him. After that I hung out with Ricky James, since he knows a lot of sign language because he takes ASL (American Sign Language) classes! How cool is that??? It means a lot to me! By the way, we ate too much Chinese food while we were in California, but I love it! Then we had to drive all the way back to Ontario, California because my dad and I had to fly back home today, which I didn’t want to do. On the way back to the airport we stopped and ate at Outback. I slept all the way home on the plane and it felt like a short trip!

I had such a great time out in California. Thanks so much Donn, it was a blast and you are the greatest! I loved hanging out with everyone and testing the new Honda 150’s…man they rippp!!!


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