Ashley’s Sidekick:
The 2Xtreem 125

Hi everybody! Since my visit to California, I have been riding and training on my new Honda CR125. How exciting is that?!

My new bike was made for me by the television show 2Extreem. It’s just amazing! It looks exactly like a factory motorcycle. I’m serious; it is really sweet!

2Extreem worked on building the bike, and put out a three-part TV show about the bike build. The suspension was built and lowered by Factory Connection, and Topar racing provided some special triple clamps to help lower the handlebars. I want to say a huge thank you to the 2Extreem crew for everything they have done for me.

Many of my sponsors also helped out with building my new bike, including True Blue deodorizer, who contributed a new Honda CR125! Braking set me up with new rotors and brakes. Ride Engineering provided the high compression brake lines, anodized swingarm blocks and wheel spacers. FMF supplied a pipe and silencer. It has a filter from Twin Air, and SFB red cases. Plus, Stratos Racing Factory hooked me up with billet black hubs! I am so lucky to have all these great sponsors behind me!

Right now I’m working on my riding techniques and basic skills because I just moved up to the 125. Also, I have been training harder because I know the 125 is going to be harder to ride than my 85 and 105! For some reason I love to train! Ha ha I am weird :-). Soon I am going to Texas to work with Shannon Niday. I can’t wait to get there and start preparing for Mini O’s! Shannon is a very good teacher and I have learned a lot from him. Seeing as I am a little short for the 125, I have started a new stretching program and since Loretta Lynn’s I have grown about a foot, so that should help me out some…ha ha just kidding I am still short!

Oh, and one more thing before I go; I’m very excited to ride with Donn again so I can kick his butt, now that I am on the 125. Don’t be scared Donn. I’m coming….


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