Ashley’s Sidekick: Finally Home!

It’s good to be back writing for TWMX again, and good to be back home. I have been so busy but I am finally back in Florida. Well, for three days at least. My dad counted the other day and he and I have been gone for 50 days!

The week before Steel City my dad and I went out to California. While I was there I had a little bit of free time and I got to ride at Elsinore with Donn. It was so much fun to ride with Donn again; we always have such a blast riding together. Then we flew back to Pennsylvania and I rode at some really sweet local tracks there. Donn kept telling my dad to take some pictures right after I take my helmet off and send them to him. I thought he just wanted some pics of me with my hair messed up and sweaty or something. My dad was taking pictures of me with my Sidekick and I didn’t see anything different. Then my dad used his cell phone to take a photo. When I looked at the picture that he took there were huge blue streaks all over my cheeks! It was a “gift from DONN!! As it turns out, after we went riding in California, I left my gear there and picked it up later, and Donn colored in my helmet while I was gone! ARGH! Now I owe him big time! Let that be a lesson to you all if you are riding with Donn: don’t just leave any of your gear lying around you never know what will happen!

My dad and I flew back to Florida before the Steel City race for an Oakley photo shoot which was so much fun! I met a ton of real cool people from Oakley, including a girl named Chelsea that can sign! How cool is that? I also got to ride a little bit down here in the heat. It was nice to ride and be warm; it hadn’t been that warm in PA for a while 🙂

All of the amateur races were cancelled at Steel City because of the rain but we got to practice on Saturday. We were the last practice of the day. I felt pretty good; I was a little bit nervous but the track was a blast. Saturday night, it rained A LOT, and on Sunday morning the track was so messy that the AMA officials postponed our race for an hour. When we were finally able to get going, we were the first ones on the track. We didn’t even get a hot lap because it was sooo muddy!

Sarah Whitmore and I both had a great start in the first moot. I was in second, then dropped back to fourth. I fell three or four times, which is not good. During the moto I had to take off my goggles because all of my tears offs were gone, and I had a bunch at the start of the race! I saw a few pics of me with my goggles off and I look so mad! I kept going though and girls were dropping all over the place. I wound up in sixth place after the first moto.

The women’s second moto was that last race of the day. I got the holeshot and I was so pumped! I had the lead for a while then I messed up on a jump and JP passed me. I wound up falling over my handle bars on one lap and then Sarah got by me and I ended up in third place. Everyone rode great. It was kind of weird to be the first moto and the last moto of the day, and the track conditions were VERY different and definitely a challenge! I was glad I got to be on the podium for my first pro race but I wished I could have done better for the overall 🙁

After Steel City my dad and I headed out to Cali one more time (haha) then we came back to Pennsylvania and met up with my mom and brother again and drove up to New Hampshire for the New England Regional Championship race. Suzanne Boisvert from the Winchester Speed Park (that is where the race is at) and Factory Connection invited me and my family to come up there and ride. We thought that was the closest we were ever going to get to New Hampshire so we headed on up. It was an awesome race and so much fun! They had pit bike races on Friday night and then ran a three-moto format on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. They also had a barbeque and a band, and showed movies every night.

I loved the track it was real rough and sandy and rutted out — I would lovee to come back there again; everyone should check it out and try and make it up there next year. The people are great and the track is definitely worth the trip! I had to leave early on Sunday and didn’t get to finish racing because we had a 24 hour ride home, but thanks to everyone for the great time that we had! It was also a blast to be parked behind Factory Connection, I got to hang out with FC, Mike, and Ziggy and his family the whole weekend. I also hung out with Arika and had a lot of fun…!