Ashley’s Sidekick: Hittin’ the Road

HeyZ everyone! I have been doing good. Most just hanging around my house, training, riding and doing Loretta Lynn qualifiers. I would like to try out for 125cc 14-16 Boys class; I want to make it so bad, but it is a crazy-fast class!

Other than riding and training, I’ve been getting ready for my driver’s license test. I have had my learner’s driving permit for one year and now I have been studying like crazy! So on Friday I went to the DMV and took my road test.

I was so nervous when I was driving to the DMV from my house that I made a lot of mistakes and my mom was like “c’mon that is not how you normally drive. Ha ha! Then, when I arrived at the DMV they gave me a blue paper to study and on the top it said “REMAIN CALM. I showed my mom and we both laughed and that helped me to relax a little! But then, when I was waiting I started to freak out again because the woman who was going to take me on the driver test looked strict. I was like “oh no!” Ha ha.

When I went on my driving test, I was doing well, but then the truck’s speedometer stopped working; it does that sometimes! I got freaked out again and I kept banging on the dash to fix it;. I was starting to sweat, but I stayed calm and did pretty good on the test.

When I was finally finished, the woman was writing on the paper, and I looked over to see if I passed. She looked at me then she wrote PASS!! I was like “THANK YOU!” I was so pumped! Finally, I went back inside the DMV and got my license.

Afterwards my mom, brother, and I went out to the Chinese buffet for lunch to celebrate. My brother, Kicker, was more pumped than me to be at the Chinese restaurant because he loves Chinese food, especially the chicken on a stick! He told my mom; “I want the red slippery thing too my mom started to laugh and said, “Oh you mean, Jello? Ha ha!

I also want to add that I am working with a new personal trainer now, and she has been helping me a lot. Her name is Eileen Maeda; Donn’s hot wife (that’s what Donn said ;-). Ha ha! We sent back and forth a bunch of emails and she made me a special diet and changed my workout and strength program. It has been only one week but I really like using her program. I even like my new food plan; especially the beans! YUCK!

Thanks, Eileen!