Ashley’s Sidekick: Just Back From Texas

I just got back home from Texas and I brought two titles back with me! I had a very good time out there. I went to the Lake Whitney Spring Classic first; man there were so many good races out there! The track has changed a little from last year and I love the changes that they made, it was really sweet! I got two holeshots at Lake Whitney, so I want to say thanks to my mechanic Cody for the awesome sweeping of my gate. Ha ha ha. I rode the Women’s 99cc and up amateur class and there were like 31 girls in that class, it was great!

I spent a lot of my time at Whitney watching the other races; everyone was flying. There were also a lot of fun things to do when the racing was over. Red Bull set up a big screen so we could all watch the Daytona Supercross on Friday night, which was a lot of fun.

When Whitney was over we got a campsite for the night and caught up on laundry and cleaned out the motor home… Tons of fun, NOT! The next day we drove up to Oak Hill for the other Texas Amateur National. They added a lot of whoops this year, but Oak Hill is still an awesome track for sure!

My practices went really good at Oak Hill, but they were cut short when a storm rolled in. It rained pretty hard and it looked like we might have a mud race the next day, but they kept everyone off the track and it was good to go the next morning!

Trey Canard did an awesome job in Texas; he won like three championships!

Here’s a funny story for you… Greg, my trainer from EFitness, brought Trey Canard, Jessica Haffner, Kaitlyn, and me to Chili’s after my racing was all finished. To celebrate my win in the Women’s amateur class Greg said I could order whatever I wanted, so I ordered a huge chocolate cake to eat all by myself! Ha ha ha. Trey wanted one, but he couldn’t have any because he still had one more race to go, ha ha. I ate a lot and rubbed it in Trey’s face. I know how mean am I? It was funny! But the next day Trey got to go and get his own chocolate cake after winning his championships!

After Chili’s we had to go back home, and I was like ‘noooo” because I had so much fun in Texas! We had a long trip; maybe like 20 hours. It was boring for sure. I was on my laptop and my Sidekick most of the way; at least I had that! Now I’m getting ready for World Mini’s and I’m very excited because it going be my first time going out to Las Vegas to race. I am going to Zach Bell’s for a couple of days to ride.

See you guys at World Mini, if you’re going!! Don’t forget to watch Donn in Vegas!