Ashley’s Sidekick: Loretta’s ’07

I just got back from Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National race. I went there to watch all of the hot racing and to be Donn Maeda’s mechanic for the week. I had a lot of fun helping Donn out; it was definitely a new experience to be on the opposite side of everything. I would like to do that again for sure, unless Donn thinks I was a bad mechanic!

Donn rode amazing for his first time going to Loretta’s, the track is so much different than most people are used to, and you don’t know what it will be like until you are there. I was extremely pumped on his final moto for the plus 35 class; he got 6th place in his last moto and pulled off a beautiful holeshot because of the good job I did of getting his gate ready! Hahaha…. It was an awesome week though, I was a little bummed that I couldn’t be racing but Steel City is coming soon and I’m very excited for that of course!

The rest of the week at Loretta Lynn’s I hung out with Alexah Pearson and my boyfriend, Trey Canard; who brought home two more titles. We tried to hang out as much as we could because we live far away from each other. We rode around on the golf carts and tried to see who was faster! I also went out to eat with Mike Christy; he’s from Minnesota and also with my friend, Jessica Hadler who stayed with me at Loretta Lynn’s. I hung out with so many people and I had a lot fun with them. It was definitely a different experience then I am used to having when I am there and I really did miss racing a ton, but I had a good time too!

From Loretta’s I flew out of Nashville to California with my mom. It was funny because my mom hasn’t flown in 16 years and she was really scared! But I helped her out, and now she likes to fly — she said it is not too bad! I was featured in this month’s Rolling Stone magazine and they invited all of the athletes that were in the magazine to a Rolling Stone/X games party. I was so pumped! How many 16 year olds get to go to a party in Hollywood? It was just crazy to be there — so different from anything I have ever done!

During the day before the party I went shopping and out to eat with Christina Mao, her mom, my agent (Andrew), my mom and my agent’s cousin (Chris). After lunch Christina’s mom, Kim, took us to the Louis Vuitton store that was across the street. She bought me a gorgeous purse from there because she wanted me to have it to go to the Rolling Stones party. That was so nice and sweet of them. They helped to make my day very special and I am very grateful for that. After our shopping trip my mom, Chris, and I went bowling (Lucky Strike) with Donn and Eileen Maeda and their two adorable daughters, Megan and Sam. I won the first game…ha ha! I beat Donn…WOW unbelievable! Eileen and I got a little cocky the second game and Donn kicked our butts! Ha ha ha! I still had a lot of fun and I was glad I got to hang out with them before I had to leave! We didn’t have a lot of time before the party so we had to hurry back to the hotel to get ready.

When we showed up at the party everything was so strange. I was super tired; the party didn’t even start until ten and with the time difference from home it felt like midnight. But as soon as we were in the party I woke up! I got a VIP wristband and I felt so special. Then we went to our table and there were bunches of people and a bicycle/skateboard ramp set up in the middle of the room, plus lots of music with heavy bass that I could feel, I almost couldn’t breathe! I saw Ryan Sheckler and I met Tony Hawk and bunch of other people. I saw Malcolm Macassey from Alpinestars and his girlfriend and we hung out a lot — I was so happy to see him and I was glad he was there. It was an insane party for sure but definitely worth it to go! Thanks everyone!!