Ashley’s Sidekick: Mini O’s

Hi everyone, I had a blast at the Mini O’s in Florida—it was over the Thanksgiving holiday, in case you didn’t know. I had a good time in my races; I won a supercross title in the Women’s class 99 and up! It was my first time that I raced on my 125, and I loved it. I had an awesome battle with Jessica Patterson in the first moto and in the second moto Leah Cantrell got the holeshot and was in front of me and Jessica Patterson. I worked my way past her, then Jessica Patterson got by Leah, and her and I battled again. I won, and I was shocked and pumped!! Jessica Patterson and Leah both rode really good too, it was a really fun race!

The women are always the first race because some of the women pros head out to Cycle Ranch in Texas for the WMA pro race out there on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. It is kind of a bummer to always be first, but it is nice when you are done and can watch all of the other good races that are happening!

After Supercross was finished we all started to get ready for motocross. I was ready to go and I felt pretty good after my supercross rides. Leah, Jessica and I were all in a row at the start of MX, but I fell on the first lap. Bummer! I finished in 3rd but I felt pretty good about the way that I rode.

In the next women’s moto I didn’t start where I should have and had to work my way up to the front. I realized there was only one lap to go and I was trying to catch JP. Jessica made it to the checkers before me and I wound up in second. I was kind of upset because I wanted to win (we always want to win!) but I felt I rode hard. Congrats to Jessica Patterson and Leah Cantrell. What a great race!

The whole week of the Mini O’s is always such a great time; everyone always has so much fun! I went to a Sushi restaurant with Heavy D (one of my sponsors, and my friend), Jessica Haffner, Greg DiRenzo, Cody Wolf, my parents and Kicker. I ate 16 pieces of sushi; it was sooo good!. Heavy D told me that if I won the supercross title then we will go there and we did. I was very pumped!!

There was an awesome race in 12-13 85 class; Justin Barcia and Eli Tomac were battling and it was fun to watch that. My friend Serratia won girls 9-13 motocross class and I was pumped for her! My friend Alexah Pearson had a bummer of a week; she crashed in the women’s supercross race and broke her wrist. Not a good week for Alexah even though she still rode really good before she broke her wrist.¿

I wanted to say congrats to a couple of people that did great at the Mini O’s this year: Trey Canard ( man he cleaned up at the awards!), ¿Blake Wharton, Justin Barcia, Nico Izzi, Blake Baggett (he was haulin’ in supermini!) and Mike Mcdade.

I hung out with Jessica Haffner a lot this year; she is a really cool girl and we have just started to hang out with each other and watch the races together! I also got to watch the races and hang out with Trey Canard, Brady Kiesel, Serratia Gonzalez, my new mechanic Cody Wolf, and my trainer Greg DiRenzo. Heavy D cooked the whole week for us, which was just fantastic! Trey’s Canard’s family came and ate with us too…it was like having a huge family there; everyone really enjoyed themselves. One of the nights I went over to the Trick Tank rig and they made us some really delicious food over there (we decided to give Heavy D a break!) Everyone over there was so nice and we had a really great time.

On a sad note a few people got hurt at the races. One person that got hurt was Nick Depalo; we need to remember to keep him in our thoughts and prayers.

If you are ever considering coming down to Florida to race or to watch some great racing the week of Thanksgiving; Gatorback Cycle Park is definitely the place to be!