Ashley’s Sidekick: Ready for Texas!

HeyZ everyone, I went to the Supercross in Atlanta last Saturday and oh man I had a real good time; the races were just awesome!! I hooked up with some of my sponsors there and they treated me real good, so I just want to say thanks to them for everything! I got to hang out in the Red Bull suite and eat lots of good food and Malcolm from Alpinestars was cracking me up all night long, he is so crazy!

After the Supercross on Saturday a lot of people headed over to Bremen MX to do a charity ride for A-T. Ricky Carmichael, Davi Millsaps, Zach Osborne, Bryan Johnson, Brittany George and a lot of other “superstars were there to sign autographs and they also had an auction. Then we all got to practice and ride on their great track that they have there. Everyone had a good time; I am glad that I had the chance to go.

I’m in Texas right now getting ready for Lake Whitney and then Oak Hill. There are a lot of kids out here riding and practicing. I rode with Shawn Rife, Walker and Hunter Brightwell, Landon Currier and my friend Taylor Higgins too! I have seen a lot of other riders down here we are starting to take over Texas! Ha ha! I’m extremely excited about all of the racing and fun!

My family and I are traveling around to some different places to ride and I went to one of my favorite tracks ever in Texas; Nocona MX Park and I had good time. Trey Canard was there, looking fast as ever, and a lot of other kids too!

Right now I’m on way to Madisonville to ride at the MXOasis for 2 days and then I’m going to Lake Whitney to wait in the longest line ever! That line takes days…haha. I am serious, last time we slept overnight in our motor home waiting to get in. Everyone gets out and walks round and rides pit bikes and golf carts around while we are waiting; it is crazy!

After Lake Whitney all of us racers will be getting ready for Loretta Lynn area qualifiers and the World Mini’s, which are in Las Vegas! I can’t wait to go there this will be my first year going to the Vegas NMA races. Last year was the first year that they had women’s classes so I am going to go there this year and see what it is all about! Donn Maeda is going to be there to race this year so if you get the chance, please come to the World Mini’s and cheer for Donn! Watch out for him he is going to try and kick some butt!