Ashley’s Sidekick: The Final Edition

Hi everyone! I just got back home from NYC, New York! I had so much fun; I had never been there before. I went for the “Women Sports Foundation and their annual awards dinner. I met so many different female athletes, it was so sweet! These girls are amazing athletes! You know, sometimes I am so focused on MX that I forget there is a whole other world of sports out there! Ha ha.. These girls are Gold X Games winners and Olympic Gold medalists — a very inspiring group of women!

On Sunday my mom and I skipped the planned softball game because we wanted to walk around NYC; we went to many different places and saw so much! There was a street fair to celebrate the Spanish Columbus Day and it was just crazy! We ate some gyros with lamb, which I had never had before but my mom made me try it. It is ok but too many onions for me. We also tried sweet corn cakes with mozzarella cheese. Oh man it was so delicious! My mom and I were fighting over it. Ha ha. We walked down to Central Park; it is hard to imagine this huge park in the middle of this big city. By the way, if you guys ever go to NYC, I would suggest you not walk to SLOW because the people who live there will just run over you! Man, they are always in a hurry! We went into a few stores on 5th Avenue and we also stopped by Rockefeller Center and watched the skaters. It was all just a different experience for me but definitely a good time.

We stayed at the Waldorf Astoria–so beautiful! The rooms were as big as a house and very fancy. So many different elevators my mom and I were constantly lost! I had the chance to meet Billie Jean King (she is the founder of the Women’s Sport’s Foundation). She is so nice. She just came right over, introduced herself to me, and started talking away.

On Monday night we had a huge banquet to honor and support many different women athletes. We had to get all dressed up in very nice dresses (so not like me!) and I had to have my hair all done up and makeup on! YIKES! It was a very inspiring night, all of the athletes that were invited had to walk across the stage, and we were introduced and our pictures came up on a big screen. I was worried I was going to trip in my heels but, whew…I made it! Michelle Kwan was honored at the banquet, and Sheryl Crow and Holly Hunter were there too! I sat at the “Rolex table and met some of the nicest people. It was truly a great night.

I am so glad that I got to go to NYC with my mom and hang out for a couple of days and be in the presence of all of these wonderful, amazing athletes!

I also wanted to add something that I keep forgetting to include in my columns. The last time that I was out in California I went to my friend, Rick Wernli’s house, because he invited me to come and try wakeboarding , I have really wanted to learn. It was such a blast! Actually, Rick is the best teacher on a wakeboard…EVER! Haha! I stood up my first time out and I was so pumped. Since I stood for close to 10 minutes, my back got so sore. I was just not used to that kind of a workout! I wanted to take it off and stop, but Rick, Spenser, (my good buddy and Rick’s son) and my dad said “No keep it going! I kept going and my back started to hurt more and more. Then finally I just let go and I got a water face plant, OUCH! It was definitely worth it though. Wakeboarding is super fun and I can’t wait to do it again! I just wanted to say thank you to Rick and Spenser Wernli for everything.

I thought I would let you all know this will be my last “sidekick column. Soon I will start writing a new column in the Transworld Motocross magazine so I am pretty pumped about that! Please keep reading my columns over there, thanks to everyone.