Ashley’s Sidekick: World Mini

I just got back home from the World Mini Grand Prix in Las Vegas. I had a pretty good time out there; there is a lot going on in that city! We got to ride a sick roller coaster at New York; I went on it 3 times! It is my favorite roller coaster now 🙂

Unfortunately I didn’t do that good at World Mini’s. I made a lot of mistakes, and was not as focused as I should have been. It was my first time at that track, so it was a new experience and I had a good time even though I didn’t do so well. I wanted to say good job to Jacqueline Strong and all other girls that raced at World Mini.

Donn rode awesome! He almost won, but had some problems. It was his first big race (National) and I am really pumped for him!

I also met Donn’s family. I have been waiting to meet them for a long time, and I was pumped. We went out to eat together and had a blast! Donn’s daughters and wife are so cool, I am glad I finally got to meet them. I was shocked because the whole Maeda family knows how to sign ABCs. It was neat being able to communicate with them.

Oh yeah, here is a funny story… One day before practice started, Brandon Mays, Brady Rodriguez, Justin Barcia, Jason Fisher, Cody Wolf, me, and a whole bunch of other people went out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings. Justin Barcia was so hungry and Cody told him about when I ate a whole lemon, even the whole peel too! Justin was like “No way!” I told him, “Yes, I did,” so he ate six of them!! How insane! I tried to eat ten but gave up on three. Haha!

Then, a while later, Justin threw up big time — yucky, haha — and he was so sick that he was barely able to practice the next day. We all thought it was from the lemons, but he had got the flu. Brandon got sick too, it was so crazy! Two days ago I got home and the next day I got sick and I am still sick right now! Ahhhh! Most of the Red Bull team got sick; guess we shouldn’t have been hanging out together. 🙂

As soon as I start to feel better I will start getting ready for all of the area qualifiers and regionals. Donn is trying out for Loretta Lynn’s too. Watch out for him; he will be at the front of the pack!

See everyone soon…