Ashley’s Sidekick

In the current issue of TransWorld Motocross, we profiled 15-year-old racer Ashley Fiolek of St. Augustine, Florida. Since meeting the remarkable Deaf girl, we have been in close (daily!) contact with her, via her trusty T-Mobile Sidekick 2. Currently, Ashley is training in Georgia, in preparation for the upcoming Ponca City and Loretta Lynn’s Amateur Nationals, where she hopes to add a few more National Championships to her resume. Since she’s always typing away anyway, we recruited her to check in with every now and again with her own online column and Sidekick 2 self-portraits. Click here to see what’s up with Rudepea67!

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HeyZ everyone, this is Ashley Fiolek, Right now, I am getting ready for the Loretta Lynn’s AMA Amateur National Championships and I have increased my training and riding everyday for about a month now. I need to train harder and ride a lot because I am only on a Honda CR85R, and I will racing against girls that are riding on 125s and 250s at Loretta Lynn’s. In 2004, I won the girl’s 9-13 year-old 65-105cc class, but this year I will race in the 12 year-old and up 99-250cc class for the first time, against racers like Jessica Patterson, Tarah Gieger and my best friend Sarah Whitmore.

Right now, I am staying at my friend, Taylor Johnson’s, house in Hamilton, Georgia. Every morning I go to do my cardio workout in the top of the Johnson’s pole barn attic. Man, it is so hot up there! It has been about100 degrees outside, so you can imagine how hot it is up in there! Ha ha! My cardio workout is about 30- to 40-minutes long, and then I go out and ride for about three to four hours, every day. By then, it is about 4:00 p.m. and then I usually jump into a cold swimming pool to cool me down! After that, I do my strength workout—you guessed it—back up in the hot attic again! When that is finished, I am ready to eat like a crazy woman because I am sooo hungry!

Because I am on a small bike, starts will be very important at Loretta’s, but getting a great start will be very hard because of my smaller engine. I have really been focusing and practicing a lot on starts and hopefully I will have some good ones! I am also racing in the boys 14-15 year-old class, and starts are very important for that class, too. I have been learning to keep my momentum through the corners because I can’t afford to slow down against a big bike! I have to leave the gas on a little longer when I am approaching a corner and I have to get back on the gas quick because there is no time to waste and every second counts for me! I don’t mind riding my 85 against the bigger girls, but I do think I need to train a little harder and put a lot of time into getting ready because it will be a disadvantage to be on a smaller bike. I do feel pretty comfortable on my Honda, and even if it is smaller, it fits me well and I feel like I am ready. 🙂

I have a Sidekick 2, but I don’t have any signal where I am staying at and it is really annoying because I have nothing to do after I am finished with all of my things for the day! I usually chat with all of my friends on my Sidekick, but now I am stuck because it only works when we go into town to the store or to get gas! Anyway, this is what my days have been like for the past couple of weeks since I began preparing for Loretta Lynn’s. It has been tough but it has been fun too! Talk to you soon, and thanks for reading!

– Ashley Fiolek .67