At Home With Nathan Ramsey

While compiling photos for the 2009 Gear Guide in our massive November Buyer’s Guide issue, we dropped in on Team L&M Yamaha’s Nathan Ramsey to snap some shots of him in the latest and greatest from Axo, his riding gear sponsor. While we were there, we chatted a bit about his X Games experience and also about his beautiful home in Menifee, California. Check out the photo gallery to see Nate Dawg’s very own “Crib’s” tour.

We hadn’t seen you on the track since you tore your arm up at the Seattle Supercross, and then, there you were at X Games! How was it?

The X Games went okay. I was super excited to do a race like that. It was a nice benchmark race in between seasons for me. In the race, though, it didn’t all come together. I couldn’t do much with the guy in front of me. The track was good and fun, but it was a little dry and dusty. I wish I could have done a little better, but I still had fun. If I get invited next year, I will definitely come back! And next year, I will know that I have to make things happen, earlier in the race.

How did the event compare to a regular AMA Supercross?

You could definitely tell that it was a made-for-television event. I had people tell me that, and basically, it was all about the time slots on TV. Whether you were ready, or the track was ready, it was going down when it was supposed to, no matter what. (Laughs) It was neat, it was a show. When you go to a real Supercross, it feels like a race. The X Games felt more like a show, you know? It’s tough, because television coverage at any race is hard to come by if you are not winning or running up front. So, in sixth place like I was, I didn’t get much coverage on television! (Laughs) I think that in the future, they need to spread the coverage around more in the pack. The same goes for our regular Supercross coverage: there’s lots of good racing that happens throughout the whole pack, not just up front.

So how are things looking for 2009?

Good! Things are coming along. Obviously, I am talking with Larry Brooks and the L&M Team. Hopefully, we will work that out. There are some small details. I definitely want to do Supercross only. I am taking my career year by year, though, so we’ll see how long I continue racing.