Backflips Not Needed To Win First Place

The IFMA wraps up the 2004 season 

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (March 29, 2004) – IFMA Freestyle Motocross presented by XM Satellite Radio wrapped up the 2004 winter season in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with big tricks and no-holds barred competition.  Friday night proved to the fans that riders don¿t need to have a backflip in their run to have a first place finish.  Dustin Miller, the number three qualifier, stole the hot seat from Drake McElroy, sat in the hot seat during Beau Bamburg¿s run, and took home the trophy at the end of the night.  Friday¿s competition was tense with places 2nd through 5th only being separated by a tenth of a point

Saturday night¿s event had the crowd in the Bradley Center on their feet.  New kid on the block, Bryan Dowdy, stepped up the competition with only a few IFMA shows under his belt.  His signature move, the `holy grab,¿ a nothing superman to double grab landed him in a position as the number four qualifier.  Matt Buyten, IFMA points leader, was the star of Saturday night, though, with a one-handed backflip and several no-handed lander combinations in his roster of tricks.

Friday’s IFMA Freestyle Motocross Results:

  1. Dustin Miller   93.2
  2. Drake McElroy   92.8
  3. Matt Buyten     92.7

Saturday¿s IFMA Freestyle Motocross Results:

  1. Matt Buyten 93.1
  2. Beau Bamburg 93.0
  3. Dustin Miller 92.7

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