After a short sabbatical, the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship resumed with round five of the 2013 season at Mechanicsville, Maryland's Budds Creek Raceway. With ever-present inclines, traditional layout, and prime soil, Jonathan Beasley's track is one of the many marquee stops of the series was a challenge to even the world's best racers. All four motos were thrilling, as they each featured different winners and kept fans guessing as to what else may happen in the latter half of an already incredible championship series.

450 Motocross Championship

450 Moto One

Mike Alessi perfectly navigated the first left-hand hairpin, and claimed the holeshot and early lead for his efforts. But just behind the MotoConcepts rider were the two main title contenders of Ryan Dungey and Ryan Villopoto. As the pack entered the first jump-filled portion of the track, Villopoto cut to the inside and set up a line that allowed him to jump through the rollers and into the lead. With the race now in his control and a clear track ahead, the Monster Energy Kawasaki rider began to immediately gap the field. Dungey, who lost the holeshot award to Alessi by roughly half of wheel, snuck his Red Bull KTM to the inside of the privateer in a tight corner and began the task of reeling in the leader. Although Villopoto was quicker at times, he was the first to encounter lapped traffic and initially struggled to get by, thus allowing Dungey to shrink the gap from nearly four seconds to just over one full second. RD would ultimately have the same problems; Villopoto picked wider sections of the track to make his move on the slower riders, while Dungey became pinned behind them in tight, single-file corners. Just when it seemed like a late-race charge was imminent, Dungey lost his footing in the roller section and was thrown to the ground. Visibly shaken from the impact, he remounted still in second place and cruised part of a lap before getting back into a flow. Dungey's crash and the time he spent recovering allowed Ryan Villopoto to build a massive lead, and at the final flag, the Kawasaki racer was nearly a minute ahead of second place.

450 Moto One Results

1.Ryan Villopoto
2. Ryan Dungey
3. Mike Alessi
4. Justin Barcia
5. Ryan Sipes
6. Trey Canard
7. Justin Brayton
8. Jake Weimer
9. Malcolm Stewart
10. Broc Tickle
11. James Stewart
12. Andrew Short
13. Chad Reed
14. Josh Grant
15. Phil Nicoletti
16. Les Smith
17. Broc Schmelyun
18. Travis Sewell
19. Nick Wey
20. Mike Brown

450 Moto Two

Mike Alessi was in the zone when it came to the start at Budds Creek, as he claimed the second holeshot of the day with Ryan Dungey again in tow. After running well in the first moto before encountering lapped riders, Dungey took advantage of both the clear track ahead and that Ryan Villopoto was shuffled deep in the top 10. He was ahead by six seconds just minutes into the moto and upped the pace every lap in an effort to build an unbreakable lead of his own. While Dungey raced the stopwatch, Ryan Villopoto raced the competition. He had moved from seventh to second with a number of close passes, including one incredibly tight move by Alessi for second in a single-line off-chamber. Once he was around the MotoConcepts rider, the path to Dungey was clear. The focus of both the teams and fans went to the time sheets, where many expected Villopoto to begin his now-trademark series of fast laps that would bring him within striking distance of Dungey and the overall. But it simply never happened. Dungey was determined not to let the overall slip away and pounded out a number of laps that were faster than anything Villopoto could clock. When Dungey crossed the finish line at the conclusion of the 17 lap sprint and claimed both the moto and overall win, he was over 17 seconds ahead. Because the two swapped finishing places, there were no championship points gained, but the boost in confidence may be just as important.

450 Moto Two Results

1. Ryan Dungey
2. Ryan Villopoto
3. Malcolm Stewart
4. Trey Canard
5. Broc Tickle
6. Phil Nicoletti
7. Justin Brayton
8. Justin Barcia
9. Andrew Short
10. Jake Weimer
11. Josh Grant
12. Chad Reed
13. James Stewart
14. Ben LaMay
15. Vince Friese
16. Fredrik Noren
17. Les Smith
18. Cole Thompson
19. Derek Anderson
20. Broc Schmelyun

Overall Results
1. Ryan Dungey (2-1)
2. Ryan Villopoto (1-2)
3. Trey Canard (6-4)
4. Malcolm Stewart (9-3)
5. Justin Barcia (4-8)
6. Justin Brayton (7-7)
7. Broc Tickle (10-5)
8. Jake Weimer (8-10)
9. Phil Nicoletti (15-6)
10. Andrew Short (12-9)
11. Mike Alessi (3-34)
12. James Stewart (11-13)
13. Josh Grant (14-11)
14. Chad Reed (13-12)
15. Ryan Sipes (5-22)
16. Les Smith (16-17)
17. Ben LaMay (29-14)
18. Vince Friese (38-15)
19. Broc Schemlyun (17-20)
20. Fredrik Noren (22-16)
Lucas Oil Pro Motocross 450 National Championship Points Standings (After 5 of 12 rounds):
1. Ryan Villopoto (240pts/8 moto wins)
2. Ryan Dungey (224/2 moto win)
3. Justin Barcia (179)
4. Trey Canard (153)
5. Mike Alessi (136)
6. James Stewart (122)
7. Tyla Rattray (95)
8. Ryan Sipes (95)
9. Broc Tickle (94)
10. Jake Weimer (93)

250 Motocross Championship

250 Moto One

After missing the first portion of the season with Salmonella poisoning, Adam Cianciarulo made his much-awaited professional debut in a big way. He was the first rider to the tight turn, banked off of a berm, and hung on to the side of his Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki while charging down the next straightaway alongside Wil Hahn. The two riders went up the face of the first jump side by side, but Hahn edged out the rookie to claim the holeshot aboard his GEICO Honda. Budds Creek was Hahn's first race after a broken hand at the Supercross finale, but the recently crowned East Coast 250 champion proved that he would not "ease" into the season.

In a move nearly identical to the one Ryan Villopoto used in the first 450 moto, Marvin Musquin rolled through the inside line and snatched the lead from the two unsuspecting racers. Musquin entered the weekend with momentum on his side, as the Red Bull KTM racer claimed the overall wins at the previous two rounds of the season, and looked to pick up exactly where he left off at High Point. He began to inch away almost immediately and was up 2.2 seconds on Hahn within a matter of laps. Hahn, meanwhile, was busy dealing with attacks from KTM/FMF/Orange Brigade's Joey Savatgy; the rookie looked for every opportunity to take the spot and drew even with Hahn, but could not pull of the move. Rockstar Energy Racing's Jason Anderson and Ken Roczen soon overtook Savatgy, and this series of events created a three-way fight for second place. Anderson took time to set up a pass on Hahn and eventually did, but it was no match for the banzai tactic Roczen used. The 250 point leader railed the outside lines of the track, sped by Anderson, and began stalking his teammate Musquin. The German clicked off consistently faster laps despite illness, and reeled in the leader, but Blake Baggett upstaged his charge. Baggett spent the early part of the season finding his stride with a weak wrist, but found his old form in the middle of the moto. He tracked down both KTM racers with lap times in the two minute-flat range and breezed by both in the final laps of the moto. In just two laps, he pulled 4.347 seconds ahead and grabbed his first win of the year.

250 Moto One Results

1. Blake Baggett
2. Marvin Musquin
3. Ken Roczen
4. Jason Anderson
5. Eli Tomac
6. Wil Hahn
7. Kyle Cunningham
8. Joey Savatgy
9. Jeremy Martin
10. Justin Hill
11. Cole Seely
12. Cooper Webb
13. Darryn Durham
14. Adam Cianciarulo
15. Blake Wharton
16. Alex Martin
17. Zach Osborne
18. Brady Kiesel
19. Justin Bogle
20. Mitchell Oldenburg

250 Moto Two

Hahn was again the first rider to the stripe in the second 250 moto of the day, but Darryn Durham found a way by and grabbed the lead. Durham's Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki teammate Blake Baggett soon accompanied him at the front of the field, but multiple botched pass attempts by Baggett kept DD44 in charge. The pace of the two riders was almost exact, which made for a thrilling fight for the lead, but was not better than what GEICO Honda's Eli Tomac ran. ET had picked off a number of riders, including Musquin, Roczen, Seely, and Hahn, to come from 12th to third by the middle of the moto. The dark shadows of late afternoon added another element to the already rough track, but Tomac somehow found the only smooth lanes to put in a 1:59.289 laptime. In just three laps, he rose from third place and nine seconds down to claim the lead from Durham. Baggett also made his way by Durham for second place and the overall win, but there was no catching Tomac. With lap times over a second quicker than Baggett, he built a 10 second lead in roughly 12 minutes time.

250 Moto Two Results

1. Eli Tomac
2. Blake Baggett
3. Darryn Durham
4. Zach Osborne
5. Wil Hahn
6. Ken Roczen
7. Marvin Musquin
8. Justin Bogle
9. Kyle Cunningham
10. Justin Hill
11. Jason Anderson
12. Jeremy Martin
13. Cole Seely
14. Blake Wharton
15. Joey Savatgy
16. Dillan Epstein
17. Adam Cianciarulo
18. Kyle Peters
19. Jesse Wentland
20. Ryan Zimmer

Overall Results
1. Blake Baggett (1-2)
2. Eli Tomac (5-1)
3. Marvin Musquin (2-7)
4. Ken Roczen (3-6)
5. Wil Hahn (6-5)
6. Jason Anderson (4-11)
7. Darryn Durham (13-3)
8. Kyle Cunningham (7-9)
9. Zach Osborne (17-4)
10. Justin Hill (10-10)
11. Jeremy Martin (9-12)
12. Joey Savatgy (8-15)
13. Cole Seely (11-13)
14. Justin Bogle (19-8)
15. Blake Wharton (15-14)
16. Adam Cianciarulo (14-17)
17. Cooper Webb (12-26)
18. Alex Martin (16-21)
19. Dillan Epstein (39-16)
20. Kyle Peters (23-18)
Lucas Oil Pro Motocross 250 National Championship Points Standings (After 5 of 12 rounds):
1. Ken Roczen (220pts/5 moto wins)
2. Eli Tomac (211/3 moto wins)
3. Marvin Musquin (199/1 moto win)
4. Blake Baggett (188)
5. Zach Osborne (149)
6. Jason Anderson (128)
7. Jeremy Martin (109)
8. Kyle Cunningham (107)
9. Justin Bogle (104)
10. Cooper Webb (99)