Baltimore Battles: 2014 AMSOIL Arenacross

The track layout in Baltimore was a first of its kind, bringing in five lanes, a start that dropped off a stage, and some of the hardest pack dirt this series will see this year.

By Matt Wozney/ MXPTV | Photos by Matt Rice/MXPTV

The AMSOIL Arenacross Series moved to Maryland for round two of the 2014 season and took over the Baltimore Arena for a weekend of racing action. The hardpack soil was a massive change from what racers encountered in the opening weekend at Worcester, and the crew constructed an innovative layout on the stadium floor. Five lanes were packed onto the floor and presented riders with a much-needed change from the standard AX layout.

Mike McDade had his starts on point all weekend in Baltimore. He was first through the first turn in three of the 4 main events.

The Baltimore round brought a number of young riders into the mix, with Star Racing Yamaha's Aaron Plessinger and Team Green Kawasaki's Darian Sanayei competing in their first Arenacross races with the Ricky Carmichael Road to Supercross program, a necessity in acquiring their Monster Energy Supercross licenses. This was the first time that Plessinger had competed in the professional classes of AX, but he quickly found his place in the running order. He claimed both the AX Lites division and the first main event in the AX premier class, but could only climb to fifth in in the second main event. This allowed's Mike McDade to take the second main event, overall, and points lead heading into Saturday night. Monster Energy/Babbit's/Kawasaki teammates Tyler Bowers and Zach Ames each put in top-five finishes in both main events, with Bowers finishing second overall and Ames fourth. Tuf Racing Honda's Kyle Regal rounded out the top-five, with a pair of sixth place finishes and the overall win in the bracketed head to head motos.

Aaron Plessinger was the next new kid on the block in AMSOIL Arenacross as he took home three main event win in two classes and the overall win on Saturday night.

Saturday night's main event was a complete shake-up from the previous night's action. Jacob Hayes rebounded from a subpar finish on Friday night to take the first main event in the AX class over Bowers, Ames, Plessinger, and Regal in this order. A massive first-turn pileup in the second main event collected the biggest contenders. Bowers, Ames, Hayes, and McDade were caught in the melee, which allowed Plessinger to take the main event win and his overall. Ames managed to regroup from the crash to finish fourth in the moto and second overall, which put the point standings in his control over McDade.'s Willy Browning was quietly consistent throughout the weekend, and despite rough practice sessions finished third overall on Saturday night and kept his place in the points standings.

Tyler Bowers hasn’t had the Saturday night’s the defending champion would hope for. A strong second overall finish Friday night in Balitmore was followed by a seventh overall (2-14) finish on Saturday. Bowers is currently fourth in the standings, and 20 points behind current leader Zach Ames.

After Plessinger took Friday night's main event, Saturday night was anyone's to win. Keith Tucker was determined to duplicate his success in Worcester and he held off Steven Mages and Maxx Malatia to take the victory. Hometown hero Tony Archer put in fourth and sixth place finishes during the weekend, which let the Traders Racing Kawasaki rider keep control of the Lites East Regional championship.

The AMSOIL Arenacross series moves south to Louisville, Kentucky, for the third weekend of the series. After the excitement of the first two weekends and the success of new talent in the Ricky Carmichael Road to Supercross program, what will happen is anyone's guess.

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AMSOIL Arenacross Results | Baltimore, Maryland | Friday Night

Arenacross Main Events
1. Mike McDade (2-1)
2. Tyler Bowers (3-2)
3. Aaron Plessinger (1-5)
4. Zach Ames (5-3)
5. Kyle Regal (6-6)
6. Kelly Smith (4-7)
7. Willy Browning (8-4)
8. Cory Green (7-10)
9. Jacob Hayes (10-8)
10. Colt Nichols (9-11)
11. Gared Steinke (13-9)
12. Dave Ginolfi (12-13)
13. Robby Marshall (11-15)
14. Travis Sewell (15-12)
15. Maxx Malatia (16-14)
16. Daniel Blair (14-16)

Arenacross Lites East Main Event
1. Aaron Plessinger
2. Maxx Malatia
3. Daniel Blair
4. Tony Archer
5. Jacob Williamson
6. Chad Wages
7. Dylan Rouse
8. Michael Lang
9. Cheyanne Harmon
10. Brandon Glenn
11. Josh Struebig
12. Vaughn Mays
13. Travis Delnicki
14. Davey Sterritt
15. Tyler Wozney
16. Fredrik Noren

AMSOIL Arenacross Results | Baltimore, Maryland | Saturday Night

Arenacross Main Event Overall
1. Aaron Plessinger (4-1)
2. Zach Ames (3-4)
3. Willy Browning (7-2)
4. Jacob Hayes (1-12)
5. Keith Tucker (11-5)
6. Gared Steinke (9-6)
7. Tyler Bowers (2-14)
8. Travis Sewell (6-10)
9. Mike McDade (16-3)
10. Kyle White (10-8)
11. Kyle Regal (5-16)
12. Robby Marshall (13-7)
13. Colt Nichols (8-13)
14. Cory Green (12-11)
15. Jeff Gibson (15-9)
16. Daniel Blair (14-15)

Arenacross Lites East Main Event
1. Keith Tucker
2. Steven Mages
3. Maxx Malatia
4. Jacob Williamson
5. Lane Staley
6. Tony Archer
7. Dylan Rouse
8. Brandon Glenn
9. Cheyenne Harmon
10. Scott Zont
11. Michael Lang
12. Travis Delnicki
13. Jeremy Pronovost
14. James Justice
15. Nick Desiderio
16. Aaron Plessinger

Arenacross Points Standings
1. Zach Ames - 112
2. Mike McDade - 104
3. Willy Browning - 96
4. Tyler Bowers - 92
5. Jacob Hayes - 83
6. Robby Marshall - 67
7. Kelly Smith - 63
8. Colt Nichols - 60
9. Aaron Plessinger - 59
10. Gared Steinke - 54

Arenacross Lites East Points Standings
1. Tony Archer - 52
2. Jacob Williamson - 47
3. Keith Tucker - 32
4. Brandon Glenn - 30
5. Steve Roman - 30
6. Michael Lang - 29
7. Fredrik Noren - 28
8. Scott Zont - 22
9. Travis Delnicki - 20
10. Dylan Rouse - 20