Bamburg and Buyten Compete for First in Greenville

Bi-Lo Center Features Top Riders from the IFMA

GREENVILLE, SC. (March 15, 2004) – IFMA Freestyle Motocross presented by XM Satellite Radio showcased its talent again for the second year in a row in Greenville, South Carolina. Competition was fierce on Friday with Dustin Miller- last place qualifier as he sat in the hot seat through the next seven riders. Once Beau Bamburg entered the scene, everyone knew his reign as king was over. Beau’s smooth, consistent riding style beat Miller’s score 92.1 to a 91.8. Saturday night was another tight competition with Matt Buyten- another last place qualifier, hit it big with a one-handed backflip. He sat through every single rider on Saturday night- only the second time this has happened in IFMA history. Myles Richmond and Ronnie Renner won the doubles competition on Saturday night due to their smooth choreography and synchronized tricks. Out of all 9 competitors, Darin Connet took home the win with his big whip during the whip contest.

Friday’s IFMA Freestyle Motocross Results:

  1. Beau Bamburg 92.1
  2. Dustin Miller 91.8
  3. Brian Foster 91.6

Saturday’s IFMA Freestyle Motocross Results:

  1. Matt Buyten 92.5
  2. Dustin Miller 92.1
  3. Beau Bamburg 92.0

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The next stop on the IFMA Freestyle Motocross tour lands in:

March 26-27 / Milwaukee, WI / Bradley Center

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