Banzai!: Japanese Helmet Gallery

While production helmet graphics seem to dominate the starting lines in America, custom helmet paint jobs are alive and well in Japan. While we were at round one of the MFJ All Japan National MX Championships, we snapped some shots of some of our favorites. Enjoy!

Former All Japan Champion Yoshitaka Atsuta has a replica Shoei VFX-W available for sale in Japan, but at Kumamoto, he had a newer version that had the same basic theme as his production lid.

Seven-time Japanese Champion Akira Narita has a replica Arai, and he tried to maintain some parts of it in his new Monster Energy helmet.



Atsuta 1
Atsuta 2
Atsuta 3
Atsuta 4
Arai 1
Arai 1
Kojima 1
Kojima 2
Narita 1
Narita 2
Narita 3
Tatsuki 1
Tatsuki 2
Misc 2
Misc 1
Inegaki 4
Inegaki 5
Inegaki 1
Inegaki 2
Inegaki 3
Misc 5
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