BBR Launches New Exhaust System for 150R

Seattle, WA – BBR Motorsports is announcing the launch of an all-new Exhaust System for the 150R. “This is a completely new design from the ground up” says Duane Brown, President of BBR Motorsports, as he stands in front of a mounding pile of bent stainless steel tubing and welded pieces. The R&D team has been building and dyno testing dozens of prototypes over the last few months to find just the right combination of fit and performance.

The result is a hand-crafted exhaust system which features a billet end-cap, two power-curve choices with the ‘R’ and ‘RT’ headers, an innovative new slip joint CNC machined from stainless steel, quick-change tuning inserts, a stainless steel heat shield and removable spark arrester. BBR has exceeded sales forcasts on this item since it began shipping this week. One of the most interesting innovations was the development of the ‘RT’ header whic boosts torque and delivers more horsepower to the low and mid range. This completely changes the personality of the 150R by delivering the low-end torque and mid-range power you need for tight tracks and makes the bike more manageable for riding on trails or in the woods.

Please review the attached PDF file for the full details and specifications.