BBR Motorsports Builds Limited Edition Jeremy McGrath Perimeter 150R

Seattle, WA — (December 5th 2007) BBR Motorsports is building 10 limited edition ‘Jeremy McGrath’ Perimeter Frame BBR CRF150R bikes. The Brown Brothers have been one of Jeremy McGrath’s biggest fans over the years. This year the Brown Brothers got to stand atop the podium with McGrath at MiniMoto SX in Las Vegas.

“It really was a dream come true to be able to team up with Jeremy in a sport we are so passionate about. Having the opportunity to work closely with him on bike set-up and testing as well as spending time at the races, reinforced for us just what a first-rate champion Jeremy is. He is so friendly, professional and competitive on the track that it you can just feel you are in the presence of greatness. -Brent Brown, General Manager, BBR Motorsports

BBR is making a limited production run of complete 150R perimeter frame bikes built in honor of the 7-time Supercross Champion. A total of 10 full-blown custom Jeremy McGrath replica bikes will be built based on the BBR CRF150R Perimeter Frame technology. This limited edition Jeremy McGrath BBR Perimeter frame has the signature MC 2 machined into the side spars and is hand built to exacting standards. Every detail of this bike has been crafted in the spirit of the Honda race bikes McGrath made famous in his 7-time Supercross Championship career. What does the Champion himself think about the project?

“This project is very special to me. The guys at BBR represent everything about our sport that is important to me, racing, having fun and of course passion. I didn’t get in to this sport to have a job, I do it because I love it. Riding big bikes, mini bikes or mid-size bikes is what I am passionate about because I am a true enthusiast of motorcycles.

Having the privilege to get a replica bike after me is awesome, and I am honored that BBR wanted to do it, because in my book, nobody could do it better. I can’t wait to be blasting around the track on this 150. —Jeremy McGrath, 7-Time Supercross Champion

This is a unique opportunity to own a piece of Supercross history. Each limited edition bike, #1 through #10, will come with the following three articles autographed by McGrath: 1.) Front Number Plate, 2.) BBR Invoice and 3.) Certificate of Authenticity. Whether you are a Motocross/Supercross collector or simply want to have the most trick CRF150R on the planet, this is an opportunity of a lifetime. There will only be ten of these bikes in the entire world, so if you are interested, call BBR today.

BBR wants to pay tribute to Jeremy and to say thanks for all he has done for the sport. What better way to say thanks, than to build the coolest 150R in the world and make it in the form of a limited edition MC 2 bike. Production bikes number #1, #2 and #7 will come with the hand-made Aluminum gas tank and will retail for $14,995. The balance of the limited edition bikes will retail for $12,995.

For more information on this bike or other breaking news go to or call BBR at (888) 668-6227