Now that summer is here, it’s time to hit the water, crush a few bevys, and avoid taking a ride in the brig of a police boat. Retire your haggard Garfield/Budweiser/A&F trunks and upgrade to the latest boardshorts from DC, UNIT, Astars, Fox, and Volcom.


UNIT Tectonic Shorts: $49.99
UNIT Linguistic Towel: $29.99
Surface Sun Systems Lip Balm: $8.50
Surface Sun Systems Sun Screen: $13.95
Phly’s Annual Fry Hat: $10.00

Having colorful shorts on the water has numerous benefits, but we find a few in particular to be important. For starters, these UNIT Tectonic shorts are loaded with plenty of graphics, color, and branding to catch a lady’s eye and start a conversation. Secondly, they are bright enough for the rescue crew to find your body without dredging the lake and ruining everyone’s fun.


DC Shoes Dead Tourist Shorts: $55.00
DC Shoes Jurado Shorts: $55.00
Surface Sun System Lip Balm: $2.95
Fred Water: $3.95
FMF Racing Logo Hat: $22.95

DC Shoes apparently subscribes to two ideologies when it comes to partying. There is the “dress for the party ahead of time,” as evident in the Dead Tourist, which is a standard boardshort with print and pockets. Then there is “be ready for the unexpected party” by rocking the Jurado hybrids, which at first glance seem like standard casual pants. But these are made of DC’s quick drying material that allow you to hop in and out of the pool without hesitation.


Alpinestars Layover Shorts: $49.95
Alpinestars Vector Shorts: $64.95
Smith Optics Lowdown Sunglasses: $119.00

A quick look at Alpinestars’ track record will prove that when the Italian company sets out to do something, they do it damn well. We all know that their boots are some of the best in the sport, but they have recently set out to make a dent in the competitive surf circles. Astars has a full line of performance shorts that their long list of surfers cruise waves in, and they are more than enough for you to rock while boogy boarding.


Fox Basis Shorts: $49.95
Fox Decorum Sunglasses: $110.00
Shift Racing Grit Hat: $22.00
Surface Sun Systems Lip Balm: $8.50
Skullcandy Ink’d Earbuds: $19.95

It’s pretty clear that Fox does not want to be a big fish in a small pond. The moto-based brand has become a cultural icon in many places and have spent the last decade or so branching into other action sports, including surf and wakeboarding. Because you can’t send a guy into the water with leather knees and TPR patches, they developed a full line of bitchin’ shorts that keep their moto roots in mind. Here is a tip we’ve learned firsthand: say your shorts become a bit, erm, tight in the front, simply look at the red, white, and blue pattern while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and relax.


Volcom Annihilator Shorts: $75.00
Volcom Elastripe Shorts: $49.95
Skullcandy Aviator Headphones: $149.95

Okay, so Volcom may be out of moto effective immediately, but they still have an advertisement in our next issue and sent their goods to us before word came out, which grants them amnesty. If you look closely, the pairs featured are two drastically different styles that give everyone options; the Annihilators on the left are standard length and tradtional, while the Elastripes on the left hit two current trends by having shorter length legs and a color blocked design. Either way, you’re a winner!